Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekending with The Wests: Joseph's 39!

This weekend was extra long for us and we're extra tired this morning, but we're digging deep and back into our week!

Here's a recap of the weekend we spent celebrating Joseph's 3-9.

Since Joseph was at the beach we celebrated there with (a small) cake and dinner with Joseph's parents and the kiddos.

Then we spent Friday at the house just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. The kids swam/floated/boogie boarded the entire day.

Jay started jumping off of the pier and didn't stop until Saturday. I may or may not have jumped in a dozen or so times myself! Cowabunga!

Joseph started staining the porches on Saturday and Jay got in on the action and was a staining machine. He is so helpful and surprisingly good at lots of jobs for 5 and 1/2.

Late in the afternoon Lizzy, Joseph's mom and I did a little furniture shopping in downtown Foley. We didn't buy anything but saw lots of cute things. The only picture I have is of a piece that needs to be refinished, but has some potential.

I never ever dry my hair at the beach, so when I did on Saturday I was shocked to look in the mirror and see how HUGE my hair was! No products, no persuasion just 100% humidity. 

Saturday night Joseph and I went out and where did we end up?


Yep. Right back where it all started nearly 15 years ago. I literally haven't been to the Flora-Bama in years and years and I told Joseph if it was as big 15 years ago as it is now we would've never met each other! Ha!

Enjoy you Monday friends! If you need me I'll be catching up from the long weekend
and hoping for a good hair day! Ha! 

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