Saturday, May 7, 2016

Personal Style Show and Tell Tuesday

Hello Tuesday! Today I'm linking up a with momfessionals for show and tell Tuesday.

Hilarious that I am blogging my personal style because I can only describe myself as casual and easy to throw something on and go. 

I'm shorts/jeans/t-shirts virtually every day and dressed for church on Sunday.

But I snapped a few pics last week--I'm thinking that what I'm wearing these days is pretty indicative of my style!

Clearly, Gus is very intrigued by mirror selfies! 

All of my shorts are J. Crew or Factory J.Crew.

I'm a boot-cut or flared jeans gal and these are Gap.

All of my tops pictured are J. Crew or Gap.
(Seeing a trend here?)

I'm almost always in my Rainbow flip-flops this time of year, but most mornings I **try** to start off in something else, although somehow by the end of the day I've always managed to find my way back to my Rainbows. 

This time of year and all summer long--this is me.

From breakfast to bedtime I'm in a swim suit most days. I'm still a two-piece bikini gal.

So, I mix it up and buy mostly separates and change up my combinations all the time. 

These are the current pieces in my bag.

I mix most of these pieces with each other and sometimes forget what I actually purchased to go with what.

I like the variety and never end up looking for a lost top or bottom because I can pick up almost any two pieces and they work!

So, that's my style! Casual, comfy easy to throw on and go anywhere I need to go! 

I have a list of things I still need to pick up for summer including black sandals, a new purse (I've got plenty of new tires for the season but from time to time I need "just a purse".), and new jeans!

If you have some favorites, let me know!! I love having help shopping and need to get some things soon! It's just about summertime! Woo! 


  1. I like it! I'm in a similar boat - shorts, tee, and I usually wear 2-3 brands only! I don't love shopping, so it's easiest to get everything at one store (or online).

    1. Yes! I often just have time to pop in one store so I buy 4-5 things and I'm good to go until the next time I have a minute to shop! I give us credit for efficiency!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the flower print shorts! I agree on mix and match swim suits! I don't think I own a single suit that the pieces came together! I can't wait for swimsuit weather!


    1. Thanks! J Crew Factory did that print In Shorts, a skirt a dress and a shirt this season! I tried in most of them--I knew I had to have something. The shorts won!