Monday, July 22, 2013

Togetherness {Easter Outfits in July}

Look at these little darlings before church this week! So sweet!


Now, for some other highlights from our photo session--

 Then I said-"Jay, sit up and turn around"--

Then I gave them cookies--

Then Jay quit, then pouted. 

Then came back to try his duck face. 

Then we called it quits and Lizzy was oh-so-thankful


Just another fun Sunday morning. Actually, I took these pictures because they always match for church, but I spend every second of Sunday morning walking on eggshells to try to keep us in an okay mood before going to church, getting everyone ready but not making a big deal about getting them ready for fear they will sense my fear of a meltdown at any moment. So, it's usually a "no pictures, please" kind of morning. 

We're still new at our church and not going to Sunday School, only worship. Lizzy has come a long, long way and is good in the nursery now but all of the service times are tricky because she really would prefer to take a morning nap most days but we skip it so we can get to church. 

Finding a new church is HARD....much harder than I thought it would be. Its hard not to feel out of place or judged when you walk into a new congregation and try to find your way.

It has really helped me to remember why I'm there (simply to worship and learn and listen) and remember that everyone has a first time, virtually everyone has been in my shoes.  To remember that comparison is the thief of joy and if I spend the whole time I'm at church comparing it to another church or comparing myself to others then I am not even giving myself the opportunity to enjoy the service or the time of worship and there's no point in going  to church if you spend the whole time picking it apart and tearing yourself down. 

So, I spend Sunday morning trying to keep myself and the kids in a peaceful mindset, getting everyone ready and bags packed, then the whole way to church pep-talking Jay while trying to remind him of things we can do at church and times that we sit quietly and listen...and praying that it will all be worth it. 

In the end it always is. I'm so glad I'm able to get us all there. I'm glad Lizzy has found comfort in the nursery and laughs and has fun. I'm glad Jay is excited to sit in big church and whisper 7,000 questions to me. I'm also glad he can walk down the hall to worship care and have fun with his teachers there while I listen and learn. 

I'm glad I've found a church that we can call home. 

I'm also glad they like my kiddos in their matching outfits, even if they may be practicing wrestling holds on each other. 

**If you are looking for a new church or considering looking for a new church, I want to encourage you to do it. Confidently walk into the sanctuary this Sunday and experience what God has in store for you. I want you to know I've been there and I know it isn't easy--but it is worth it. God calls us to be a community and share our time and talents with other believers because it helps all of us to hear God's word, meditate and pray in the presence of the Holy Spirit and worship as one. It sanctifies your soul and guides your path. You have much to offer and much to gain by joining a community of other believers and worshiping together. It is my prayer that anyone reading this has a church to call home. I'm praying for each of you.**

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jay's Birthday Week Days 6 and 7

We made it to Jay's 3rd Birthday and lived to tell about it!! This week has been so much fun, full of happy memories, kids in good spirits and sweet moments to make Jay feel super special.

It's been so much fun that I feel like these last two days should have a tag line at the end saying "This birthday fun brought to you by the makers of ibuprofen and caffeinated beverages." We're all partied out, but it's all worth it.

Day 6 fun was limited to a trip to Target and some major downtime at the house. Lizzy and I were suffering from allergies or a bit of a cold or birthday week exhaustion so most of the day we spent resting, watching tv, reading and listening to the radio in Jay's room. It was awesome and necessary.

Oh, and the UPS man had a special delivery....our NEW SLIDE!

We spent most of the time after dinner until bath time helping Daddy put this beast together. Lizzy literally sat in the pieces we weren't using and played like a hamster at the pet store for almost an hour.

TODAY was the BIG DAY. Jay's birthday!

I picked up Krispy Kreme this morning-

then Jay came to breakfast and opened his gift-

"NEW HUNTING BOOTS! KANK YOU!!" He is so excited about them.

Then it was outside to muddy up his boots play and help dad, then off to the gym, a couple of hours at the pool-

lunch at Chick-fil-a, some playtime at the play place-

home to play outside some more-

a very brief nap before getting up and going to his very first movie-TURBO! We knew it was about snails, so we knew we had to see it, but did you know it is about snails AND TACOS?!?!?! Hello? Has there ever been a more perfect movie to be Jay's first movie AND on his birthday? No, there has not.

Lizzy skipped the movie and visited at Dede and Papa's house so we brought dinner back there and finally had time to sing and eat birthday cake at their house.

I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles which has become custom. Perhaps it will be tradition.

What a perfect day and a great week we've had!

Just when you think things can't get any better, they do--




Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Here we are at another Friday and here's my 5! I'm loving this link up!

1. Amazon Prime
We joined Amazon Prime last week (to save $150 on shipping on some swingset stuff) and last night discovered the ZILLIONS of FREE shows available instantly! So far I love it and I might just try to get into Dowton Abbey. (Your welcome, Patience)

2. Lizzy's hair.

This is totally NOT my favorite toddler hairstyle, but I have had to take action against her hair constantly hanging in her face. This too shall pass.

3. I already posted about Jay finding "Itty Bitty Gary" earlier this week upping out pet snail count to 3. Well, the next day our snail count jumped to somewhere around 15. So congratulate us if you must. Its all kind of weird and gross, but in case you're interested this is what a one day old snail looks like.

Science, folks. You're welcome.

4. Socks. Why can't we just buy a pack of 6 socks that are 6 of the same socks? What happened to that?

This drive me nuts.

5. I've decided to run a 5K in the fall. I've started "training" at the gym and hope to decide and register for my 1st race this week. Ahhh!

Jay's Birthday Week-Days 4 and 5

We're still living up birthday week here on this LAST DAY OF JAY BEING 2.
Tomorrow is the BIG 3. Such a sweet time for us.

Highlights of Day 4 and 5 were

- another new swing (this time a GLIDER) added to the treehouse
- Some fun times with Weston and Davis at their house before they go on their wild west adventure
- an afternoon at the pool with Mommy and Lizzy complete with a picnic lunch. He keeps talking about the fact that we took watermelon to the pool- I had no idea that would be so epic to him!
- lots of cupcake eating
- a near-bedtime family trip to DQ for blizzards

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jay's Birthday Week-Day 3

So, today has been a normal (?) day for us, but we're trying to make include something fun for Jay everyday this week.

We started off by a visit to the gym, then on the way home Jay told me he wanted to go Trick-or-Treating; this makes me think that he is in fact my child because now that we're 2 days out from his birthday party BOTH of us apparently have our next big fun event on the brain. Atta boy.

We also took a trip to a snack buffet  Publix where the kids enjoyed watermelon samples (twice), cake samples (twice), some chicken and potatoes that were part of a demo and the complimentary cookies from the bakery. (Side note: did y'all know that not only will Publix give kids a complimentary cookie but Chicken Tenders as well?!? We skipped that today, but just something to remember next time you have a crying/hungry/screaming/or otherwise ill-tempered little shopper with you.)

(Not that we go to Publix to be fed, but sometimes it just works out like that.)

(And I spend quite a bit of $ there, so I don't feel bad about it one little-bitty bit.)

We came home for a (late) lunch, played outside on our new swings (yes, a treehouse post is coming in the near future) and back inside for rest.

Tacos for dinner, per Jay's request, a fun visit from Mrs. Kimberlee, and a surprise "find" rounded out our night. 

Jay decided Kimberlee needed a lesson in Hide and Seek. 

"You put your eyes on da wall....count to 7...then say Ready? Here I co-ome!"

Then as we waved goodbye to our guest and walked inside Jay stopped, squatted down and shrieked- "Awwww, he's so cute! Look, It's Itty-Bitty Gary!"

and just like that the pet snail count moves to 3. 

It's awesome turning 3, dontcha think?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jay's Birthday Week- Day 2

More fun with our "big sleep over" guests this morning--playing with lots of new toys--including Jay's first Play-Doh experience!

A little pool time at our house, some swinging, then lunch at Taziki's (Ziki's as Jay calls it), another trip to the party place to return linens, and playing, playing, playing.

I attempted to catch up on a mountain of laundry that appeared out of nowhere, and Lizzy snuck around playing with as many 3 and up toys as possible without anyone catching her....

Super Jay is Super 3! {party}

We celebrated 3 wonderful years of Jay this weekend with a Super WHY themed birthday.

We had so much fun. I'm so glad we went ahead with a party even though Jay was a bit tough to convince about a month ago. 

Jay had a wonderful time, we had cousins and grandparents and a few buddies--it was a great evening.

Jay's big present is/was his tree house. I'm planning to do a whole separate post about the tree house, but "Phase 1" was completed for Jay's party.

Here are 7 million pictures to keep you entertained!!

Party day started with Drive-thru breakfast and Jay enjoying the decorations!

Biddy Bear Cupcake and Cake toppers shilled and in perfect condition! Our Super Why "Super Jay" toppers even had red hair to match Jay's EXACTLY. Lesley, you are too, too good. Here's her facebook link. I just picked up cupcakes from Publix this time and a 5" white with borders only. I piled on the star sprinkles and added Lesley's topper.

 Friends and Family

 We served Tacos (of course!!), chips, salsa, queso, refried beans and fruit kebabs. It was yummy!

It rained on and off all afternoon, so my plans to play these games (a.)in the front yard (too wet) or (b.) on the driveway (with sidewalk chalk) had to be abandoned. We played a version of a cakewalk with ABC letters with letters I printed out (plan C) and a bean bag toss with the same (damp and stepped on) letters. Each child had a goodie bag to fill with prizes.

Jay asks for a pinata every time we go to Target, Hobby Lobby, Party City or out to eat Mexican. It was a must for the party. Rain or shine. Plan A, B, or C....

 Jay and Davis and Jay eating 7 Dum Dums.

Time for Cake and Singing!!
Hearing a room full of family and friends sing "Happy Birthday" to your child is one of those perfect-joyous-make-your-heart-explode-happy moments they should tell you about in the baby books. It is awesome!


Mimi, Karla, Kelsey and CJ all spent the night.
Jay, Lizzy, Kelsey and CJ stayed up playing until bedtimes had all come and gone. This was the last picture of the night. Jay in his pj's bug catcher vest and fireman boots, running like a maniac. It was a great, great day.