Friday, November 16, 2012

Sick Days--Day 10

Not a lot to report of the West crew this week. Jay and Lizzy have been home sick for 10 DAYS.

We ventured out today to try to run an errand or two and it ended with stopping in at one of Daddio's offices to get paper towels for emergency cleanup and a thorough detail of the a car seat when we got home.

Some highlights/lessons that we can remember from the last 10 days....

1. Always by dye-free medication if given the option.
2. Pull-Ups get GIGANTIC when inadvertently sent through the washing machine.
C. Recently, while wearing an oven mitt, I placed a pan of frozen biscuits into the fridge, despite the fact that my oven was already pre-heated. I then went to check on the biscuits (in the oven) and couldn't figure out where in the samhill they went.
IV. Don't try to cook or operate heavy machinery after 3 or more days of playing Musical Beds with 2 babies, 2 dogs, medicine schedules and a husband in the mix. Delivery is your friend.
5. Another friend will be Vapo-rub, in the bathroom with beach towels and tons of toys. We call it "play baf-room".
6. Dog showers make ideal places to rinse/scrub carseats. And toddlers.
g.  Once either child has a fever stick to the "6 hour split" of Tylenol and Motrin and do not skip doses because the baby's sleeping so well. You'll have 102.6 to deal with before you know it and it is scary.
VIII. No matter what you had planned for your 8 Month old (Happy Birthday, Lizzy!) as far as introducing juice, solids, etc. you will try ANYTHING when you are afraid dehydration is knocking at your door.
9. If ever I decide to take my two very small children to events with other small (potentially sick) children en masse-- take my keys and throw them in the river, feed my phone to a crocodile and chain me to a tree in the back yard until I agree that they are too little to remember and it would be a wise decision to stay home. (We went to Disney on Ice Nov. 4 then the doctor on the 7th, 9th and 11th)
X. Trust yourself and your spouse as parents, be open to suggestions, go with your gut...and listen to your mothers.

Jay contracted RSV, Lizzy was negative. Both got sicker, Lizzy confirmed RSV, stayed pretty darn sick, Jay's first ear infections, antibiotics are NOT Jay's friend, Lizzy still sick and Jay suffering some side effects still.

Note about nausea/upset stomach and antibiotics--I now have figured out to give his twice-daily med just before nap time (after snack) and at bed time (after a snack) this way he sleeps through the nausea (KNOCK ON WOOD). I do lay with him for a while though because I am afraid he will wake up getting sick and that would be awful.

Just this evening Lizzy took 2 small bottles, so I hope this is a sign of her appetite returning. Jay was never sick when he was this little, so this has all been new to me with Lizzy. I also tried giving her some mashed potatoes and gravy tonight and she ate a few bites--which is more than the past few days.

Hopefully we'll have some better days very soon and can get back to normal, fun life--WE MISS IT!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Just a sneak peek that Miriam posted on facebook of Jay inspecting her camera.
Boys will be boys.

Miriam is a native Nashvillian (like me) with a passion for Jesus and adorable kiddos. She shoots privately in Alabama and Middle Tennessee by appointment. She's also behind the lens at The University of Alabama capturing memorable moments at The Capstone. Her energy, creativity and ability to wade in a creek in high-heeled boots is second-to-none.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Because they're only young once!

On a glorious Sunday morning before heading out to church.....

Ahhh, togetherness.

 This might be among the hardest things I've done in my life. Taking pics of a 2 year old and an infant. Something tells me this will only get worse. See, jay had to get away so he could do this....

 Then this morning wearing our SheShe Made....
 Did they both just growl at me??

Good times. Let's just hope we got something from our photo session with the professional last week.

7 Months of Little Lizzy

Oh, Little Lizzy. How have 7 months passed so quickly? She's growing and learning every single day and I am watching her little infant phase pass by all too quickly.

She's a whopper. I don't have updated states but is in size 3 diapers (I feel like both my kids were in this size the longest), size 5 shoes and mostly 18 month clothes. She has a few 12 month things that still fit but most 12 months are just too small these days.

This month she has really mastered getting where she needs to go and schooches and crawls nonstop. She sits up 100% on her own and if she wobbles she can get herself steady again so she doesn't fall.

She can go from sitting to her tummy and from her tummy she can alllmmossstt sit up. I can tell she's figured it out because we've come in to get her from her crib to find her sitting up. She's still working on doing it without the help of bedrails to pull on.

Still just two teeth, but chewing like a madwoman. She's started eating puffs and other little finger foods and is mastering the chewing motion. I expect she'll eat anything and everything once we get some more teeth to work with.

Lizzy is a great eater and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner (2 food items with oatmeal or rice cereal added to the fruit) in the high chair, has her mid-morning snack in the highchair and takes 2 bottles most days (one before her afternoon nap and one before bed). We're currently working on the details of this transition to one nap thing. Some days I really feel like she would be much happier if she would take two naps, so if she's up early I may try to give her another bottle and try for a morning nap. She's just so busy that she knows she's missing out on things when she naps and must be coaxed into taking 2.

She still does her routine "dada"s "lala"s "baba"s and a few "mama"s. She tries to mimic Jay if he's yellling, having a fit, or just playing loudly. I think she will have a name for Jay in no time.

She's becoming attached to her blankets--i think because she sees Jay with his--so I may have two little Linuses dragging blankets behind them around the house. Oh well, maybe it will help keep the floors clean? A Mommy can dream, right??

Friday, November 2, 2012

Santa's Little Helpers

I just love kids in Christmas PJ's so we start ours right after Halloween and may or may not wear them until Easter or so. I am pretty sure Lizzy was laughing so much she was snorting in the pic above. 

Lizzy and I went to Christmas Village yesterday so things may start looking pretty Christmasey here very soon. 

Jay and Daddy went on Jay's first trip to the hunting club this afternoon AND are spending the night. Jay is beyond excited, I really hope Daddy takes some pictures for us. I miss them already.