Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring Beachin

We've been back and forth to our beach house more times than I can keep up with at this point. 

The weather in March, April and May is spectacular on the gulf coast and we love  having Lulu's mostly to ourselves (or at least with no wait!).

My kids are beach and boat kids even if that means we're the only ones on the beach, or we have to bundle up under their life jackets. 

There was literally no one else in sight. 

Practicing her beach yoga. 
1st order of business--dig a big hole. 
Mardi Gras means lots of loot we went to the Mystics of Pleasure.....
...and the Mystics of Paradise!

Check out that  awesome Marlin Float!

 Captain and co-captain cruising on the intercoastal. 

 Early morning staff meeting. 

One very exciting day we took the boat to Lulu's and parked right beside the Nina and the Pinta so we had to check them out!

I think the boys were examining a crab. Don't tell Liz. 

The highlight of the Farmer's Market is playing on the fruit!

February Fun at Fort Morgan!

And that's how we spent our beach trips this spring. Lots of clear skies and sunshine and lots and lots of digging in the sand for the littlest Wests!

Looking back at these pictures makes me SO ready for summer days, no school and more fun in and on the water!

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