Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites-Pre Christmas Favorites

Here we are on the Friday  before Christmas! I'm linking up for Friday Favorites again and for the first time, High Five for Friday.
We have a ton of Christmas celebrating to do starting today and I'm so ready to get this day started!

1. Amazing Ornament
I opened a Christmas card from my sweet friend and photographer Miriam and found this sweet surprise!

I absolutely adore this ornament--and the dear friend who sent it. We used this picture on the front of our Christmas Card this year. I shared some more of my favorites from this session here.

2. Christmas Cards
They are my favorite. Sending and receiving them. I literally smile the while time I'm addressing (120 this year) and love getting them in the mail. As much as I love technology and social media nothing beats real Christmas cards for me.

3. Merry-Merry-Go-Round
Our Christmas Carousel continues to entertain the kids all day and all night. It's their absolute favorite decoration. 

They love the trees too, but I think they will be sad to pack this one away. If you want a peek at the rest of our Christmas decor then this post will show you around a bit!

4. Early Gifts!
Yesterday was one week til Christmas and I let the kids each open a gift. I bought two for sharing since u knew at some point I wanted to give them an early treat. We have been dancing to "What does the Fox Say?" and dressing up our Melissa and Doug Santa all day long!

I picked up both of these at VonMaur in the children's department! 

5. Coffee anyone?
I love this little coffee spot still! It's a cozy corner of Christmas cheer to keep us going strong all day! 

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Cards 2014

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Joseph, Allison, Jay (4) and Lizzy (oh-so-2-and-a-half!!!)

I'm linking up again this year with Faith's Christmas Card Carousel!

Click on over to see and share in this fun blog tradition!
If you're stopping in from the carousel, Welcome, thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas!!

And just for fun here are our past cards--

Christmas Trees 2014

Just a peek at our home with the halls decked! Tis the season to be jolly!
 Our living room is home to our only live tree. This year she's a real 'beaut. 
It was my turn to buy the tree this year and I like Douglas Fir trees. 
This one is whopper. "Little full, lotta sap" was said in my mind as we rearranged the whole living room to make room for the tree. Clark W. Griswold would appreciate this one for sure!

The rest of the downstairs decorations include...
 this area behind the sofa with our Christmas carousel and all of the kids pictures with Santa. 
 We use a stocking holder (the holder for our old fireplace tool set) to hang our stockings in lieu of a mantle in new house. 
We're also practicing using an Advent wreath at home this year. We (usually) light it at dinner and it sits on our table all the time. I filled a tray with greenery and pine cones we collected. we've had some good discussions about hope, joy and peace thanks to it being right in front of us. Hopefully this is something we can continue every year. 

Upstairs there is a tree on the landing....

....and a tree in Jay's room with collections of Hallmark ornaments that were given to Joseph over the years

mostly crayola, NBA/MLB/NFL, vintage trucks, trains, and some new ornaments of Jay's this year we added a minion and Dusty Crophopper. :) its his tree, he can do what he wants, I suppose!

Lizzy got a new tree this year and shopped with me for more decorations--

It definitely has a "Frozen" feel with snowflakes, pink, orchid, turquoise and lost of shimmer. Her choices worked well with what we already had for her smaller tree and we topped it with her big bow we used to welcome her home from the hospital . This might be my favorite tree this year. 

There you have it! 
4 trees, 2 great kids and a zillion memories in the making!
Merry one-week-til-Christmas!

Fall Portraits with my fave

Our family photographer and my cherished friend Miriam Naomi took some fantastic photos of the kiddos (and me!) this fall. 

We used them for our Christmas card, and will soon be displaying them around our home. 

Without further ado, here are some of our favorites...

If you are in Alabama, (or sometimes Middle Tennessee!) and looking for a great gal to take your photos, I cannot say enough about Miriam. 

She's taken every professional photo of my kids over the years and her talent and service are outstanding. Visit her website here. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Fun

Just a quick peek at some of our fun days so far this December! 

We stumbled upon the tree at Brookwood Village while grabbing lunch after church and these are the cute pics I got--ha!

We hiked the Vestavia Hills nature trails behind the library and Jay found a leaf nearly as big as he is!

Sassy-pants Lizzy is loving all the Christmas season has to offer, but missed the whole part about "you better not pout."
Lizzy and I checked out Preschool Pals at the Library for the Christmas play--and a visit from Elsa.

We shopped for our angel kids from the Angel tree at church. Both kids are eyeing the huge, beautiful (and fragile looking) nativity right outside of this pic. Can you see how badly they want to check it out?

We've ridden the reindeer carousel at the Galleria several times. At least twice a week for a month. I hope they still like it when the regular animals return!

We've had fun shopping for our loved ones. Jay really wanted to buy at least a few of these hats for his uncles....

We've been to the children's choir Christmas program at church, Oak Mountain Festival of lights, Bass Pro Shops, delivered home made treats to neighbors, friends and teachers, baked cookies, made gingerbread houses, decorated and taken a few photos in front of the tree....

.....and its only fallen over once!! (so far....)



we've been to some fun parties over the past few weeks!

We celebrated Edy's 4th and Eli's 1st birthdays at the Tuscaloosa Barnyard. 

Jay was delighted. Just delighted all day!

 Lizzy was there too, but she's more of a city-slicker playground type.
As in, the only times her feet touched the ground were inside for cake and on the playground. We held her the entire party. Livestock and Lizzy do not mix. :)

 We celebrated at school with a big birthday party for Jesus.

Lizzy again was a touch uncooperative, (are we sensing a theme here??) but I got this cuteness before the actual party began. 

We also joined cousins and friends to celebrate Camille's 4th birthday.

Jay had a blast at his first Chuck E. Cheese party for his classmate, Mills.