Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preschool (and K) Programs still have my heart

(Here's the part where we glance over the fact that the blog skipped the last half of summer, then fall, winter and most of Spring 2016.)

Its again my very-most-favorite time of the year Preschool Program time! I couldn't let this year go undocumented because again, preschool programs have my heart.

We cheered Lizzy on today as she performed with her friends and was the cutest little pink flower I've ever seen.

Jay's spring Kindergarten programs were so great as well. In April we got to see these kids perform twice. They sang and played xylophone with their music class.

AND they had a separate movement/PE/ SQUARE DANCING Program.

5 and 6 year olds promenading and do-si-do'ing? Nothing short of spectacular!

Seriously, when I was in high school we had a unit of square dancing and it was awkward---so much cuter to have folks learn this important life-skill in Kindergarten!

Okay, here are the video clips from their performances! Mostly for family fun and sharing but if you need a pick me up--we're here for you! Enjoy!

if you just cant get enough you can see the 2015 Program here,

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