Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011 Recap

Happy New Year!

We celebrated Christmas all month long! Our official family Christmases were spent in Nashville on the 23rd (Opryland Hotel, Charles and Kar Kar's with mommy's siblings, Christmas Eve Breakfast with Uncle H and a visit from the Duffy cousins and a stop by Nanny and Cece's before heading home at Noon on the 24th) and at Dede and Papa's Christmas Morning and Jennifer and Sean's Christmas afternoon. 

Jay LOVED the lights this year and we're sad to see them go. He could recognize a Santa ("ho-ho") or reindeer from 100 yards and would shout excitedly every time we strolled, walked or drove past one. Jay loved opening presents and all of the gifts he received from family and Santa. 

Here are  a zillion some photos to for us to remember how special this year was. (Lizzy got some great gifts too, although I don't think we have any pictures.)