Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lizzy 3 Month

okay, I give in. She definitely favors me. 

What a sweetie little Lizzy has become!!

She "talks" giggles and goos ALL the time. She's really becoming pretty animated these days. 

We're wearing all 6 month (and a few 9 month) clothes and size 2 diapers.

5 bottles a day at 7ish ounces each. 

I wake her up around 7:30 every morning and she eats about every 3-3.5 hours during the day. She naps after every bottle and has been sleeping for about 1.5 to 2 hours at a time still. She goes to bed for the night around 9:15 and doesn't make a peep until morning. 

She is not a fan of the car most days and it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully she'll adjust, because we are on the go-go-go!

We'll have official "stats" next month when we go in for our well-visit.  She's holding toys some, discovering her hands and most of the time couldn't care less about her paci, but we do keep one handy for those times when she decides she'll accept it. 

We're headed North tomorrow for Lizzy's first trip to Tennessee and I know more than a few people who are very excited to meet her! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

New House Progress

Here are some updated photos of the "New House".  Have I mentioned Jay wants to go there every hour single day. So, I feel like things are coming along fairly steadily, but then I look back and think wow! It's only been two weeks and realize things are going really quickly. 

So here is the house last Saturday deconstructed with the new main level garage poured and just before framing started...

and here is the house just a week later with the first floor completely framed and the second floor mostly finished.....

Jay, Lizzy and I are headed to Nashville in the morning and won't be back until Saturday. I can't imagine how much they"ll get done this week if the weather holds, but I'm excited to get back and see it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


We spent Thursday in T-town (TitleTown, formerly known as Tuscaloosa) to welcome home the Crimson Tide Softball Team and their new baby...


I couldn't miss the chance to welcome home this amazing team. Back when I had a career and worked outside of the home, I spent hours and hours and hours at athletic events. The time I spent working with Alabama Softball taught me so much about myself and life I wouldn't have missed this for the world. 

Thankfully Kimberlee was there to help! I don't know where I'd be without her. We love you Kimlee!

If you've seen this team play, you know they're athletes. If you've known these players and this staff you know they are examples of noble character, grace, humility, gratitude, a championship spirit and the very definition of perseverance. They have given us much to be proud of and even more to live up to. Thank you Alabama Softball for letting me be a part of your family. 

Now, some of the best fans in the country greeting their CHAMPS!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jay's 1st Day, Lizzy's 1st Bite

Jay is going to the summer program at his new Preschool 2 days a week this month.
First week was an amazing success!

He was up and at'em and ready to go and carry his new Buzz lunchbox.

Let's go!

He walked in holding my hand saying "New friends. New friends." over and over to himself. He walked right into his class and the teachers say he had a great day! I cam by a little early to pick him up, just in case and he was playing outside, having a ball. 

Tomorrow may be rough for Mommy, I have to tell Jay there's no school. :)

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, Lizzy had rice cereal for the first time....

and could not have hated it any more!

Oh well, we'll keep trying! She did recover to her new-normal giggly self. I just love this smiley little gal so!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lizzy's Birth Announcement

These photos are just two of the many wonderful pictures taken my Miriam. Love.

Happy Camper

Jay and Daddio did some "camping" this weekend in the backyard.

We thought this would be good training for a future camping excursion--maybe as far as Tannehill-- 1.8 miles from our house. (We also knew we had no idea what to expect, so it would be good to educate the parents about camping with a toddler.)

Jay liked playing with all of the tent pieces while Daddio assembled the tent and was thrilled with the end result.

They played in the tent for a few hours before and after dinner, then Mommy came out around bedtime with pjs and snacks. Jay thought it was so fun, was curious about all of the nighttime noises, but for the most part we did our normal routine and Jay fell fast asleep. Mommy snuck out of the tent right after and Jay and Daddio stayed the night.

It was about 2 a.m. when Daddio tucked a still-sleeping Jay into bed. It had turned about 20 degrees cooler this weekend and Daddio thought Jay may get a little chill, so in they came.

We had lots of fun and it was so much easier than I expected. This was a fun "first" and I think that the next camp out will be happening very soon.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New House

So, maybe I forgot to post about a tiny change we've made....

The night before Lizzy was born we put an offer in on a house. It was immediately accepted and we closed May 16.

Then we began demolishing it. Not really. Just remodeling...and adding an addition. Oh, and a second story. Ya know, 'cause we don't do anything halfway.

So here's the progress after two weeks of ownership, permit approvals, storm water stamps (what in the world?), Jefferson County hub-bub and Alabama Power getting things together for us.

The inside has been mostly gutted, new drive way cleared, and new foundation dug. The footing has been poured as well. (maybe i didn't get pics that day?)

Next week brings stone, concrete, roof removal and framing if all goes well. I'll post new photos as we get more done. 

We'll be in Vestavia with this project done sometime in August-Septemberish. 

Jay LOVES going to the "New House" and I must admit, I do too! Joseph's doing a great job making this next home a wonderful place for our family to spend some serious time in and make great memories. 

Stay tuned!
p.s. this little doll was there too- she approves of everything Daddio is working on