Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Progress {III}

Here we go....

for those who have been asking here are some house pictures. We're pretty much done with the exterior and sheet rock is done on the inside, floors, doors and trim are happening today and tomorrow. These next few weeks are going to be bonkers busy. Daddy is working SO hard to get our home ready for our family for a long, long time and many amazing memories to be made.

From the original driveway looking down toward the creek.
This will be our main play yard. 

The creek.

Walking in the front door

Dining room on the left
Just past the steps in the living room, then kitchen

living room from back door
Standing in kitchen looking toward tv wall of living room.
The open doorway by the "black hole" (air return) is the master bedroom.

Kitchen to LR again
Kitchen sink goes in the center of this bay window 
overlooking the backyard.

Upper common area from office doorway.
The door on the left is Jay's room, then a linen closet, Lizzy's room and the playroom
door on the adjacent wall. The triple window seen from the front is located in this common area.
There will be banisters around the gaping hole that is the staircase. 
Outside kitchen window
and now for my helpers....

We had to test the sprinklers, thus Jay became wet,
thus Jay became shirtless.