Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ready and waiting

We're all set for Baby Jay's arrival, Mimi is here, laundry is done, bags are packed and the pups are clean. We have spent the past 6 DAYS at home (per doctor's orders for me, the mommy-to-be) and are all set for another visit to the doctor on Monday. We hope the good doctor will decide that we are all set to meet our son this week. In the meantime my husband and I got a little craft time in today and customized some cigars for our friends who will soon celebrate Jay's arrival with us.

Let's hope we make it through the next 48 hours patiently waiting for the biggest change in our lives and manage not to start crafting our way around the house!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beginning at the beginning....

We're just a few weeks away from our twosome (plus pups) becoming a threesome, so  I am making my initial entry into the blogging world to document the journey and set up this space as a place for family and friends to join in on the everyday happenings with the Wests.

Hopefully as I enter mommydom I can update everyone here with photos and adventures of what are sure to be busy and memorable days to come. In the meantime I will share some photos of what we've been up to as we prepare for our #1 son...behold the nursery.

oh, and one other thing I've been working on perfecting......Baby Jay!