Friday, February 18, 2011

4, 9, 1, 31, 56, 2-all about numbers

This week, it's all about the numbers.....
I started a little craft project for Easter, then it was suggested I make a few more to see if they sold. In 4 days I sold 4, so back to the craft store I go.
The prototype.

As I mentioned before, Dede has recently become a vendor at Homewood Antiques, so we sent 4 to display. She sold one walking in the door last Saturday afternoon. I couldn't have imagined they would be so popular! I will produce more this week and am creating some additional designs for holidays and special occasions. I will also figure out a better way to photograph them!!

9, 1
Joseph and I celebrated our 9th Valentine's Day together-- but our 1st with Jay!! 

Jay's loot. (Yes, another Lion.)
Daddio helping Gus "sign" Jay's card.

Precious' turn!
Happy little valentine!

Daddio cooked a DELICIOUS meal for Mommy after Jay went to bed!

31, 56, 2
My birthday was Wednesday! Hello, 31! We had to get up extra early to catch our flight to VEGAS! We took our first trip without Jay! I was a bit  nervous but created a set of freakishly detailed thorough instructions for Mimi and Dede and everybody did great! (excessive use of exclamation points, anyone?)

We were gone for 56 hours, ate some great meals, stayed at the Aria which was wonderful and took 2 crappy pictures. Oh well, we have the memories and they are much better than these 2 photos. :)

The King and I. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Six-and-a-half and a little snow!

Finally got a snow pic of the casa this year.

The 6 1/2 month mark has been a milestone for changes around here.....

We have switched from 4 bottles and 2 meals to 3 bottles and 3 meals and Jay has done great! I wanted to go ahead and eliminate one bottle so we would get accustomed to 3 "meals" a day and pave the way for additions to Jay's diet. We're doing cereal or oatmeal and 1 fruit in the morning, bottle 2 hours later, nap, 1/2 meat, 1 veggie at lunch, bottle around 2:30, nap, dinner around 5:30 or 6 with the other half of the lunch meat (turkey and rice, chicken with veggies, etc) and another veggie for dinner, bottle at 7:45 to bed at 8.

That's 4 baby food items and 3- 8oz. bottles. I am writing all of this as a record for the next child, so I will remember when we were eating 3 meals a day.

He also moved from the tiny tub to the "toddler" tub this week. Whoa. Lots of toys and a recent discovery that he can stand up if he really wants too. We have Garden Tubs in both bathrooms on the main level, so bathtimes have been a bit of a challenge since I moved him from the sponge at 6 weeks old. I am sure once I get it figured out then it will be time to switch again, no biggie.

Oh, and let's not forget mommy's least favorite--the ending of the swaddle. Jay has become so active in his bed that I have decided to forgo the swaddling technique I have used since day one. He is rolling and schooching in bed so much now that I think I spend more time wondering if I should unwrap the blankie from his head than he actually spends swaddled. He is great at getting himself to sleep and for now we are doing no blankie or sleep sack of any kind, just jammies like a big boy.

Another change was my decision to remove the bumper pads, but on day one, I put him in his bed for less than 3 minutes to let the dogs out and this is what I found.

NO THANKS! Plus, I think it really looked like baby jail without the pads so back on they went. I am searching out a convertible car seat so Jay can still remain rear facing, but get in a bigger seat. He is within an inch of the height limit of his infant carrier. So, a-shoppin' we will go.

In the meantime Jay has become quite the play's a peek.

I told Gus that I was putting together a new toy, so don't look confused. He missed the memo. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a week!

We had a very busy and fun week, I tried to get lots of pictures, so I will let the photos tell the story....

 Thursday we were excited because we had a date with Kimberlee and Miriam in Ttown for cupcakes...then it snowed/iced so we waited in line for 30 minutes, to get cupcakes to-go and kiss/hug our buddies goodbye. In the mayhem we forgot to photograph our friends whom we went to see. Sorry ladies. 

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the "Derby Pie" cupcake. Jay just shook the box around. 

Friday Morning Bible Study started at our house! .
(Jay woke up from his nap just in time to say goodbye to the ladies, 
let's hope that remains the same every week!)

We went to Homewood Antiques to try to help Dede set up her new retail space--"Katydid's Market". 
Good Luck Dede!!

Three fun parties this weekend!

Making cupcakes on Saturday for Sunday's baby shower!

It's a boy! William Dean Matthews

 Johnny-Jump-Up kept Jay, Daddio, Precious and Gus occupied while 
Mommy cupcaked for Amy and Baby William. 

More fun with Daddio. 

Jay got some quality time with Emma Claire (just 20 days younger than him!!!) at Lily Kate's 3rd Birthday party. Can we say opposite ends of the growth chart??!! Emma is a petite little lady and Jay is certainly a strapping young man! 8 pounds and 5 inches separate these two who almost had the same birthday!!

 Yes, I was happy with the way these statues turned out--Kaye bought them at 
Homewood Antiques and got a great deal.
I added moss, ribbon, baby's breath and presto!! Cute decor when flowers are scarce the first of February!
A sweet little girl and a boy gathering flowers for her.

 Jay was the photographers assistant! 

 Showing off those pearly whites during a little tummy time before guests arrived.

Dede and Jay--we were thinking he might take a nap...hahaha!

 Then off to Knox Allred's 1st birthday!! The Dirty Dozen babes at the after-party Colin (6), Caleb (4 1/2), Brooks (3 1/2), Sadie (3), Lily Kate (3), Carter (1 1/2), Knox (1 TODAY!), Jay (6 1/2 months)...and Lily Kate is going to be a big sister!! 5 couples and 9 babies by September!!! 
(Mer and Josh-Brent and Emily--we're waiting.......)

Ms. Krisi and the drool machine!! Jay really, really loved Krisi this afternoon.