Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zipping through April (except Gary, he's slow)

Hi, Hello, we're still here!

Ah, life these days is busy as can be and with my recent procrastination post about all of the things I wanted to do post-baby-birthday we've been, well...busy!

We've reclaimed bedtime and I'm still working on that darn housekeeping schedule. The reality is that I probably need to schedule the housekeeping around 3-4 days per week instead of 5-7. I need to build in some flexibility. That is probably true of just about every single aspect of life these days-- we do best with a balance of structure and flexibility.

Just to catch us all up--we have a new pet! Meet Gary! Our pet snail. Yep, as in garden snail.

 Daddio found him in the driveway while we were hunting bugs. Thanks to the Bug Catcher we picked up at Target in the Dollar spot in February.

Sunday after church Papa and Weston came over with a new tank (our "snailarium"), house, water bowl and other goodies for Gary. So, it became official that we were keeping him. (Note to self: never again name a creature that you intend to let go. It then becomes a pet and cannot simply disappear in the middle of the night.)

Then on Monday, Weston came back to visit Gary and darned if he didn't find another snail in the driveway as he left. So, now we have Gary and "Backup Gary" (his name has changed every day, I'll be sure to update you when we have one that sticks.)

So, among all of the other happenings at our house lately we've become researchers and builders of the perfect snail habitat. Snail nerds are us. Don't be jealous, it isn't as glamorous as it sounds.

Among other random news--Jay learned to do this--

Lizzy and Gus have learned to do this--
As I am scrolling through phone pics, it would appear that Jay has a new affinity for "hats"

he also prefers balanced meals...

Oh, and whatever you do, don't get this kid an ice cream cone unless you have an hour or so to kill. he eats it one teeny-tiny lick at a time-
Lizzy was less than amused, half an hour later...
April's almost over already! Boy it's been a busy one around here!!

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