Thursday, February 2, 2017

Monday, Manners, Meatballs and Moderntone

Last Monday I was finishing up some Valentine's Day decorating and finally switched out some of our dishes for our collection of pink Moderntone. 

Since I had them out I decided Monday would be a good time to have a little dinner party with the family.

Now, we do this fairly often. I wouldn't say once a month but maybe every 6 weeks or so. I set up our dinner in the dining room with real dishes and flatware (no character cups and crazy straws) we use our real napkins and practice our table manners. 

Every time I am setting it up my kids have this freaked-out moment--

"Are we having company?  "Who's coming for dinner?"   "Why are we using these napkins?"  "Why are we in the dining room?"  

Every single time.
Which is another reason why we do it--to actually USE our dining room, to USE our different dishes, to USE our best manners, to BE together and focus on the meal.

So, I set a pretty pink table, served an amazing meal--can you say FRIED CHICKEN MEATBALLS.
They were every bit as amazing as they sound. I found the recipe in a new cookbook I picked up Well Fed Weeknights: Complete Paleo Meals in 45 Minutes or Less

Y'all. This is a Whole30/Paleo cookbook that's out of this world. All of the meals come together in 45 minutes and so far are awesome. Her method for cooking potatoes in a crock pot and having them ready to quickly add as a side or make into fries is a game changer!!! I have been eating/cooking Whole30 for a year now and this potato trick has given me new life! Buy the book!! $16 well spent!

We are having those meatballs again tonight--even the world's pickiest 4 year old gobbled them up and wanted seconds! Buy the book, make the meatballs, thank me later!

I have to say, I'm thankful for our dining room dinners and I hope the kids remember these nights. I can tell you that I know they remember their manners (at least some of them) after we teach them new things because they can easily tell you where their glasses and flatware should go before and during their meals. Even if they don't do it all the time, they know the rules and it is a little bit of a relief to know that they do remember some things we're teaching them.