Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where we are this week...

Things are really taking off here at the Casa, and we couldn't be happier!

Jay is exploring more and more and is crawling at a steady pace, although he would like to be held standing up or ride around on Mommy's hip most of the time if you ask him.

Las week, Mowhawk Friday, post-nap
Getting prepared for take-off

I tried sneaking up on him while he was crawling.
Note the scary iron coffee table- this is why we spend more time playing downstairs these days.

Post-nap hair these days. Note: this was NOT Mowhawk Friday. I will try to get a pic of the back before we get it cut, it is crazy!

We're in more of a rhythm and I feel like I am at a good place with the wife-mom-self balance. All of the baby weight is gone and then some. I'm cooking dinner almost every night and breakfast every day (except some weekend mornings when Daddio gets breakfast or we go out for a family breakfast date). I have time to learn and grow spiritually AND get the laundry done. Daddio is able to spend time with us in the morning and gets home in the evening with more play time with Jay before bed. We're taking care of lots of small projects around the house and feeling like we are in the swing of things.

Things are "normal" and I LOVE it.

Now that I've said that I fully expect for everything to be turned upside down, but we will figure that out too and get to know the next "new normal" when it comes along. For now, we're happy, having fun, healthy, learning and growing as individuals and as a family.

I'm working on planning Joseph's birthday party, Jay's birthday party (already "planned" and it is 4 months away), building and growing my bamboopink team (104 team members and counting), and making our, shopping, cleaning, make a list and start again, it took me a few months to figure it out, but I've learned it pretty much all revolves around those 4 steps. :)

Jay is working on growing so fast that his 1st birthday outfit might need to be a 2T. He is still a great sleeper and eater and I really think this is what has kept him healthy so far, that and the fact that I still won't take him to really crowded places like Wal-Mart. (Sorry, folks, gotta be real about this one--too many strangers, 24 hour operation, no time to close and clean and EVERYONE in Alabama feels the need to stop and talk to my red-headed chubby-cheeked baby.)

Joseph is working on taking care of lots of little "to-do's" we've overlooked for months and it is really helping our home run like it should. Thanks, Daddio. You keep us afloat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recognize this feller?

Isaac Charles Davenport, fall 1915
I just found this picture behind several other photos in a frame here at my house from my grandparents house. It's my grandfather. Tell me, does it remind you of anyone you know?

Goon Dad didn't get to meet Jay, they missed each other by about 5 years, but I know Goon Dad would certainly think Jay was one of the finest lookin' fellers in town. 

Hopefully I can get this photo restored or at least have it preserved so it does not deteriorate any further. I'm so glad to have it and hope I can find the right place for it in our home. 

eight is great!

Jay turned 8 months old on Sunday. Sunday was also the first day of Spring---it seemed appropriate that we give Jay an outdoor swing for this birthday. Daddy put it up in the evening, and I didn't think it would be a good idea to introduce Jay to swinging right before bedtime so first thing in the morning we showed Jay his new (and I bet soon to be favorite) toy.

As for life at 8 months, things are pretty steady. He is cutting 4 teeth on top (his first top tooth erupted Monday night, then there are 3 more that are about to come through any second.) So, after nearly 5 months with no more action in the tooth department here come 4 at once. You will note that Sophie has become our closest ally in the battle against achy gums. Jay has only woken up in the night twice with this issue and has napped more some days and less some days. I do not claim to have any explanation for this.

We're moving to 2 jars of food at lunch and 2 at dinner, its a process.

Size 4 diapers are a perfect fit. Probably could have moved to them earlier even.

Jay loves to look out the window at the world that is greening up by the day. He stands on the couch mostly by himself and shouts at everything that moves. Nice.

He has added "Boooo" to his vocabulary and says it every time you say book. He has really been into books the past few days. He only likes boards books and gets mad if you try to read a bigger book like Dr. Seuss with paper pages. He turns the books over and over in his hands and bangs on the pages.

He was singing to the books. Too cute. 

Jay is growing by the day. I have adjusted the highchair straps 3 times in 2 weeks, his new car seat already, oh, and he is about the same size as his buddy the elephant. Wowzers.

See mommy's hand flying into the frame to catch him? He's a wild man. 

Teething is fun. 
Now that you have to keep a child rear facing until age 2, I hope he will still fit in the car backwards until then...

We've also added a new nickname or two- Turkules (Mimi gets credit for that one), Mister T and Jones. I think we might occasionally call him Baby Jay if we're in public, but Turkey or Turk is what he is guaranteed to answer to. Whoops.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Aboard for Davis' Birthday

To continue spring time fun, we went to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum for cousin Davis' 2nd birthday. We even rode the train with family and friends and let the good times roll!

Getting ready to go in the hats and bandannas that were given as favors.
 Jay did a little lap-hopping along the way...

Our only photo with the birthday boy!

Staring contest. Jay won. 

At some point we switched back to the hat we came with. I believe our engineer hat got a little drooly. 

Time for a party hat!

Ready to go home and take a big nap on the way! Lots of fun, but a lot for the little fella.

Spring Break 2011

We had a great time this past week with a visit from Uncle Charles, Aunt Karla and cousins Kelsey and CJ!

We went to our favorite Mexican place, Jay's 1st trip to the zoo, Mommy and Jay's 1st trip to Dreamland (I know, I couldn't believe it either), pizza and movie night, St.Patty's Day trip to the mall with Reubens at home for dinner! Our company left on Friday morning, but not before a surprise visit from Lisa so she could meet Baby Jay on her way to Mobile. WHEW! What an action packed 3 1/2 days, here are some of the photos I managed to take.


Cousins playing while grown ups got everything together for a day out and about!

Jay LOVED the zoo. About 3-4 hours of stroller and being carried and he was a trooper!

Kelsey impersonating Sophie.

Big kids and goats. Not of the fainting variety. 

Jay keeping watch. I think Charles is explaining fainting goats to Joseph. 


Cousins in the shade.

Mommy really loves this hat. 

Dreamland first-timers! 

Kelsey and CJ were a big help with Jay's care. Here is Kelsey feeding Jay for the first time!

Open wide!
Somehow I didn't take any other pictures on St. Patrick's day. And Friday morning came and went too fast!  Lisa dropped in and was back on her way before we could get a picture. She MUST come back so we can document the visit!

Jay spent Friday afternoon kinda looking around for his audience every time he did something cute. Poor guy he thinks four or five more people should live with us!