Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lizzy's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Lizzy's 2nd Birthday last weekend with family and a few friends! 

We had a fun little day celebrating a super sweet (and somewhat sleepy) Lizzy Lou!

 We didn't have a set "theme" for the party. I used our pink and yellow Moderntone dishes here and there, did a few labels to match her invitations. We served barbecue for lunch and with Miss Daisy's Frozen Cherry Salad, chips and a strawberry Southern Lady cake from Edgar's. I also made strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Now that this is my 5th kid's party I have learned kids LOVE cupcakes, regardless of how delicious your "big cake" is-- a party isn't a party without cupcakes. 

I also spent a total of $7 on flowers on this party thanks to the abundance of daffodils we inherited when we bought the original house here. They bloomed just a week before the party so the timing was perfect. 

 My favorite part of my kid's parties--the singing!

 Lizzy loved her back pack. She also loved the 7 swim suits she got! Nothing like a Spring Break birthday to get you ready for fun in the sun!

 It rained all day. Jay spent a good portion of party time peeking outside and lobbying to go play in the mud. (I did finally give in once Lizzy went to sleep around 3:30, there are no pictures but the cousins along with Edy all had a ball in the mud. Party clothes be darned.)

 End of party pics and the guest of honor was all tuckered out. 

We started her big day with a doughnut breakfast and Lizzy doing what Lizzy does. 

And after a brief, but much needed nap Lizzy got to play in the mud with Kelsey and Jay. 
We kept Kelsey for the week so these three got to play with all of the new toys. 

I can't forget that Friday we celebrated the start of her birthday weekend!

Daddy and Jay surprised Lizzy with an ice cream cake on Friday night to start things off right. 
She blew out those candles like a pro!