Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lizzy's 5- Shimmer and Shine!

We got to celebrate my littlest little turning 5 a few weeks ago.

Alas, she's already registered for Kindergarten, full of knowledge and independence and there are in fact no more babies in our house.

In the days leading up to her birthday, I begged her to stay 4. I told her what a gift it was that I got to have two kids and they got to be babies together and how fun it was. How we loved watching them grow, but if she could just stop now, it would be awesome. 

On the eve of her birthday she sweetly tried to talk some sense into me explaining, "Mom. I know you loved me being 4 but I just can't help it. Tomorrow I'll be 5. It's okay, I had to turn into a teenager sometime."

Oh Lulu, you keep us laughing!

We took cupcakes to school for her class and I actually subbed that day at school so I got to be in her room for the celebratory snack and singing. 

We had dinner at Moe's Southwest Grill (per Lizzy's request) and just a little cake at home on her big day. 

Sometime around New Year's Day it was declared that she wanted a Shimmer and Shine birthday. Sounds great to me, I really like letting the kids pick what they want for their parties so the theme was set. 

As for her guest list, Lizzy just wanted to invite "every little girl in America". Whatttt?!?!?

She later amended her list to "just all the little girls in America that I know." We wound up inviting about 20 with 15 friends joining us for party day. 

FIFTEEN tiny girly-girls. It was a giggly, singing, shimmer and shining good time! 

I kept it simple with a cake from the Western that was simple BUT SO VERY DELICIOUS!!!

 We also had ice cream, cheese and crackers and fruit.

And every little girls dream--face painting at our house! 

We had the most WONDERFUL face painter in Birmingham. Seriously, she was fast and so fun and sweet to the girls and prompt and so TALENTED! We used Magic City Face Art if you need face painting in Birmingham call them! 

We played a Shimmer and Shine Party Game, sang Happy Birthday and opened gifts. 

It was a great party, lots of fun for the girls.

They played with every toy in our house, a few cried and I heard at least one got a little spanking from her mommy. But you know what? It was awesome. We're so thankful for the friends we have made and our kids have at school and church and around town. Crazy, loud, fun days like this one remind me of how thankful we are for these kids!

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