Monday, July 15, 2013

Super Jay is Super 3! {party}

We celebrated 3 wonderful years of Jay this weekend with a Super WHY themed birthday.

We had so much fun. I'm so glad we went ahead with a party even though Jay was a bit tough to convince about a month ago. 

Jay had a wonderful time, we had cousins and grandparents and a few buddies--it was a great evening.

Jay's big present is/was his tree house. I'm planning to do a whole separate post about the tree house, but "Phase 1" was completed for Jay's party.

Here are 7 million pictures to keep you entertained!!

Party day started with Drive-thru breakfast and Jay enjoying the decorations!

Biddy Bear Cupcake and Cake toppers shilled and in perfect condition! Our Super Why "Super Jay" toppers even had red hair to match Jay's EXACTLY. Lesley, you are too, too good. Here's her facebook link. I just picked up cupcakes from Publix this time and a 5" white with borders only. I piled on the star sprinkles and added Lesley's topper.

 Friends and Family

 We served Tacos (of course!!), chips, salsa, queso, refried beans and fruit kebabs. It was yummy!

It rained on and off all afternoon, so my plans to play these games (a.)in the front yard (too wet) or (b.) on the driveway (with sidewalk chalk) had to be abandoned. We played a version of a cakewalk with ABC letters with letters I printed out (plan C) and a bean bag toss with the same (damp and stepped on) letters. Each child had a goodie bag to fill with prizes.

Jay asks for a pinata every time we go to Target, Hobby Lobby, Party City or out to eat Mexican. It was a must for the party. Rain or shine. Plan A, B, or C....

 Jay and Davis and Jay eating 7 Dum Dums.

Time for Cake and Singing!!
Hearing a room full of family and friends sing "Happy Birthday" to your child is one of those perfect-joyous-make-your-heart-explode-happy moments they should tell you about in the baby books. It is awesome!


Mimi, Karla, Kelsey and CJ all spent the night.
Jay, Lizzy, Kelsey and CJ stayed up playing until bedtimes had all come and gone. This was the last picture of the night. Jay in his pj's bug catcher vest and fireman boots, running like a maniac. It was a great, great day.

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