Friday, July 29, 2011

Jay's First Birthday!

We have had a WONDERFUL time this week celebrating the ultimate "first" Jay's 1st Birthday!

Kelsey spent the week with us and was a huge help with party planning and prep. Jay loved playing with her and having a backseat buddy on all of our errands. He laughed and laughed every time we got in the car and Kelsey climbed in beside him.
On Jay's birthday we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with Jay, Mommy, Daddio, Mimi, Papa, Dede, Aunt Jennifer, Weston, Davis and Kelsey then came back home for presents and cake. We had so much fun!

We continued the week with party prep and celebrated on Saturday with 40 or so of our nearest and dearest. Jay had the most fun! Mommy and Daddio loved his party, spending time with our wonderful friends and family who love Jay and have helped make this past year so spectacular. I had a little speech planned for his party and intended to give it right before we did Jay's cake. The reality was that with all of the action, I completely forgot, so pardon me while I share a few thoughts....

A year ago we were overwhelmed with joy when we first met our little "Turkey". Looking around at his party a year later we are still overwhelmed with joy when we think back on the blessings Jay has brought to our lives this year. We've gone from life in 90 minute increments (sleep, feed, sleep, feed) to a full 365 days of happiness, cuddles and laughter with our little one. We have so many people to thank for their support of our family this year. Mostly God for his grace and faith in us to trust us to be Jay's parents, but also our family and all of our wonderful friends who have loved our little fella and made this the best year of our lives. Our little family has grown so much--in number, in faith, in hope, in love and we could never have imagined life could be this good. Thanks be to God for his many and wonderful gifts. Thanks be to you  for supporting our family as we grow. Thanks be to our family for making our lives so unbelievable. Thanks be to my husband, Daddio for being the Head of our home and creating a great place for all of us that is safe and secure. Thanks be to Turkey for showing us the never ending joy and love that comes from being your parents. 


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