Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jay is FOUR


It's incredible to me that Baby Jay has turned 4 already. 

It's also incredible to me that he's 4 feet tall. I'm not sure what is more difficult to fathom. 

He's hilarious, caring, daring, inquisitive, bashful, intelligent, confident, curious, quick-witted, sweet, strong, independent and keeps us on our toes from early morning until night. 

He's an early-bird, a thinker, a planner and a do-er. 

He loves telling jokes these days and learning and asking questions about every thing

He would choose to be outside all day, every day, no matter what. 

He is thoughtful, hospitable and thinks about other people a lot. 

He's a great big brother and an amazing son

We're so thankful for our family. 

I'm lucky to be his mom. 

He's also spunky and knows how to tell colorful stories and is still mastering obeying his parents.

He's expressive and passionate and not very patient

So, so funny. 

I asked him about some of his favorite things-
Food- Chinese (Sesame) Chicken
TV Show- Wallykazam
Movie- Rio 2
Story- Cowboy Roy (which is one I make up as I go at bedtime)
Book- Poppy and Sam (Farmyard Tales an Usborne book)
Drink- Sprite
Game- Busy Bear (iPad)
Restaurant- Chinese Chicken
To go- with Dad
To do- Play at home
Song- Hunting Season (Need to ask Dad about this)
Treat- Jelly Beans
Fruit- Watermelon
Food I cook at home- hot dogs
Person- Daddy

What do you want to be when you grow up? A house builder and a corn picker driver. 

We had his party on Saturday at our neighborhood ice cream shop and it was great!

We had ice cream with family, friends and classmates.

Sang Happy Birthday.

Enjoyed cupcakes like crazy.

Opened presents like it was our job. 

Then went to lunch with family and friends.

For his birthday dinner we let him pick anywhere and he chose Mexican. 

Such a great day for the greatest little fella. 

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