Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gifts for Easter Baskets

It's Already Tuesday of Holy Week, I can't believe Easter is this Sunday. 

Luckily, I sat down last night and finished up shopping for the kids Easter baskets and all of my items will be here on Wednesday. If you're wondering what to put in kid's baskets or looking for a gift for the boy who has everything and the girl who loves it all then keep reading and you can shop from here and have your goodies quicker than you can do the bunny hop. 

For Jay- my ourdoorsy 6 year old boy who loves hunting and fishing I picked up this minnow net.

I saw this at a friends house and love it because it fold up like an umbrella! Perfect to take with you fishing and it's different from any other minnow traps we have. 

I had ordered this for Jay yesterday and he literally got in the car after school talking about these and wanted me to find him one! Another item a neighbor showed me last week that the Easter Bunny will deliver!

Toplay Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer Ceramic Bearing - Perfect For ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult Children (Fluorescence) I have heard these are awesome if you have a little boy and exteremly helpful if you have a little one who struggles with a learning disability or learns differently, or have someone on the ADD/ADHD or Autism spectrum. You can spin them to fidget and learn cool tricks with them. I'm thinking if you have a little guy who like the bottle flip game then this will save everyone a few gray hairs!

Since he's a new reader I also picked up two classic chocolate-themed books for him. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (we are just finishing James and the Giant Peach so the timing is perfect!)

The Chocolate Touch is only $3.03, you cant beat the price on these books1

For Lizzy, who is now 5 and loves all of her dolls, every Barbie and toys of all kinds I got her this doll seat for her bike. 

Books for Lizzy who is starting to read and spell and working on sight words- 

and Barbie

I also picked up a chocolate bunny for each child, some Reese's candies and a kite for each one. 

I started off sort of stumped but love how it all came together! If you still need to shop for your little ones then hop to it! 

What's your favorite Easter Candy? Mine is obviously Reese's--it always finds its way from their baskets to my secret stash eventually.

Happy (early) Easter, everyone!

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