Friday, July 20, 2012

2 Infinity and Beyond!!

Jay turned 2 today!

I really just can't believe he's TWO YEARS OLD. He actually seemed older today, it was the weirdest thing. He played with some duplo blocks for over an hour, was really pretending a lot more today and ate dinner (at our favorite Mexican place) like a big boy, using a big spoon, cleaned his plate and part of mine. He didn't need our help at all. (well, not much anyway)
We tried for a family photo.
Oh well, it's a good snapshot of this phase of life.
Especially my drooly shoulder. 

We had a really fun day. Just played around the house, then to dinner with Dede and Papa and back home for cake and presents. 

Remember this? Its a birthday cake.
It was simple and good-just like our moms used to make.
I loved the simplicity of this day and I think Jay did too. 

He LOVED blowing out the candles and we let him do it about 6-8 times. Then we told him he could do it again tomorrow at his party. He cried the only tears he shed all day when we told him the candles were burnt out. 

Dede and Papa gave him this chainsaw and Bullseye from Toy Story.

Mommy, Daddy and Lizzy gave him Woody and Buzz. He played and played until we had to convince him to go to sleep so we could have his party in the morning! It should be a BLAST!

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