Thursday, April 13, 2017

What's In Store--Easter Dresses and More

Hey y'all!
After a fun week of Spring Break and then a surprise weather day last week, I looked up and realized we were a few days away from Easter and while I have everything ready to go for the kids Easter outfits--I hadn't yet shopped for myself.

Having just a few hours of "freedom" on each week while the kids were at school I ran to a few of my favorite places to see what I could find. My quick search led me to Stein Mart where I found some cute options and definitely some inspiration. But more on that later.
I snapped a few quick pics in the dressing room since I was caught between two cute options and needed to do some polling (send them to my sister-in-law for her opinion! ha!)

I loved this Seersucker Dress and it's so springy and fun!

I also think this Navy Dress is classic and is a silhouette that knows no wrong!
One of these did end up coming home with me as did these shoes.

There were TONS of beige and nude shoe options and the location I was at, I'm sure your local Stein Mart is well-stocked too.

As I was headed to the checkout I passed the cutest top in the Boutique section, turned on my heels, grabbed one and a few pairs of white jeans and headed to the dressing room.

I had to snap a pic for a friend because up until now I have not owned any white jeans and she has the perfect pair that I think are close to 10 years old. I wanted to show her I was taking the plunge myself.

Also, I got this whole outfit. I'll be wearing this top so much y'all will think its my uniform this summer. I've already planned 8 times I want to wear it.

I ran back in to Stein Mart another day and found this dress. 

I really wasn't going to buy anything this day but, y'all this dress is so SO soft and comfortable and a great length for errands/mom stuff. 

When you find that combo in a cute dress you grab one now! (Also, they were just unloading these at me Stein Mart so I am certain you can find them today/this weekend at your store but they will go fast.)

I've had a few chambray dresses over the years and I know I'll be wearing this once a week until Thanksgiving. Since its under $50 that makes is about the best deal in town!

I also tried on this dress because I am a sucker for the fit and flare!

Super cute and I can probably think of another 10 places to wear it. 

This blush sleeveless top was perfection and the pintuck pleats are so flattering! Perfect with my new white jeans!
Oh boy was I on the fence on this one! I said I wasn't going to jump on the off-the-shoulder bandwagon.....but if I do this is the top that will buy my ticket!

I love the stripes, the ruffle sleeve and the cut on this one. It falls away from your body without looking oversized and boxy. This one was a Large with plenty of room, I can possibly take a Medium in this which makes it that more tempting! They were just unloading this one too, so pop in to Stein Mart and try it on this weekend!

Now, here's the inspiration behind this post. I was chatting with a friend (Hi, Ashley!) recently and we were talking about clothes and shopping and how we see cute things online but neither of us love the fact that often things featured are quite expensive and if they aren't  then they are sold out and back ordered by the time we find them. 
Then, while I was shopping and taking pictures to text anyway it occurred to me that THIS kind of feature is what I would like. A weekly feature with things that are 
1. Beautiful
2. Affordable
3. Attainable

So many of us have little time to shop for ourselves and when we do we are on a "quest" to find something specific. That's where the blog comes in. I'll be out scouting for us and on Thursdays I'll post to show you What's In Store(s) this weekend while you are running out in your free moments.

Stein Mart is one of my happy places, so I've started this series by posting some of what I found there that you too might like. Stein Mart (as of now) isn't sponsoring any of this content, nor are any of the items linked affiliate links that would earn money for me. They're just for fun and ease-of-shopping for my friends here. 
So, enjoy! Happy Shopping! Tell me where you want me to shop for us and I may head there next week!
Let me know what you like by leaving a comment here or on my Instagram!

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  1. I've recently fallen in love with Steinmart after finding one in Cool Springs. I love the seersucker, chambray and that fit and flare is striking!!! I may have to look for that chambray here. :-)