Sunday, October 6, 2013

What is...Saturday Grace

As usual, I spent Saturday with my two favorite folks. I'm not taking a second of it for granted.

Breakfast, cartoons then off to the mall.

We rode the train, ate lunch, tool a spin on the carousel and sweet Jay tried on 15 pairs of jeans without a single complaint.

Then we had a chance to experience a moment of everyday grace that I'd be remiss to overlook. 

As we were leaving, I bypassed the elevator...opting to take one later on our route. 15 seconds later....the whole mall lost power. I was by myself with both kids, so we climbed up a stalled escalator (I carried lizzy in her stroller) I have jay my phone as a flashlight and we beelined for the car.

Once everyone was buckled into car seats and our DVD was starting, I realized we could have easily been stuck in an elevator at that moment and while we would have been fine, it would have been scary and stressful for us. 

It was just one of those small moments when you are so thankful for the invisible power of He who is in control and the everyday grace God gives us.

It is south more than we deserve.

Just like these two.

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