Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Break on the Gulf

Thanks for the kind words about my 1st 5k.

In case you missed it, here's my #onebigtruth post

Here's 14 Facts about my 1st 5K.

I just zeroed in  on my 2nd 5K by the way, so we may have started something here....

Anyhow--we spent most of last week in Orange Beach. Kelsey and CJ were on Fall break, both of my brothers ended up planning a trip to the beach at the same time, so we decided to head south as well and soak up some sun and sand with them for a few days.

Plus, it gave us an excuse to go to the Annual National Shrimp Festival and for me to run the 5K.

The kids had SO much fun on the beach. Jay and Lizzy were really into it this time.

Jay wanted to dig and dig....the he (with the help of Aunt KarKar) discovered jumping and playing in the waves, so he was all about the ocean after that.

Princess Lizzy spent almost the entire time playing in buckets and buckets of water. Seriously, I thought were were going to empty the ocean...and eat our weight in Cheetos.

We ate out a little, got a few hours of beach time in every day, took great naps, and even got to hang out with Brad, Ashley and Lacy.

The kids had so much fun together. It was a great week.

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