Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Treehouse {phase 1}

Sometime this spring Jay started noticing some new things as we were riding along on our errands around town.

"Look Mom, They have a treehouse in their yard."

"Hey there's some kids playing on that treehouse!"

"Me go there and play on that treehouse, Mom?"

"Pull the car over and let me out so I can play on that treehouse. Pleeeeaaasse, Mom???"

It became abundantly clear that Jay had treehouses his radar. And by treehouses he means the wooden playsets that come from Lowe's, Home Depot or toy stores. 

A triangle vinyl top, ladder, slide and a couple of swings. 

We decided a "treehouse" was doable as a birthday gift if Jay was fully potty trained, he was sleeping in his bed alone all night and if he was doing his best at displaying good behavior. 

We spent weeks, if not months gently reminding him that "if he wanted a treehouse he would...______"

Well, after much research and an episode or two or Treehouse Masters Joseph launched his master plan. 

First he carefully picked the perfect spot-

One morming the week before Jay's birthday this arrived bright and early.

Joseph spent all of his free time for the next week working on Jay's birthday gift.

Phase 1 is complete with all of the things Jay wanted:

- a bridge

- a fast slide

- 'noculars (binoculars)
- telescope
- drums (he picked up the iPad one day and they were on the Amazon page I had been looking at)

- swing for Jay

- swing for Liz

It's super-strong and very safe and so much fun so far. Jay and Lizzy even got to get in on some of the fun while Dad was hard at work building their treehouse.

It is very large and far exceeds Jay's original idea of a treehouse. It will be so much fun for Jay and Lizzy for years and years as they grow up and learn to play in new ways. It is also about 12 feet off of the ground and has taken a bit of time for Mommy to get used to. 

Phase 2 will begin later this fall and will add a roof and some more fun things to do. 

And yes, its awesome and lots of fun!

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