Friday, October 4, 2013

Lizzy 18 Months

Woo-hoo Lizzy's half way to two!

(I am not actually this excited about her getting older, I just cannot believe we're already here!

Little Lizzy is BUSY.

Here are the stats:

Weight: 29 punds, 4 ounces
Height 34 inches
Head: I don't know but her height and head are abouve 95th percentile, weight is 85th for her height.

Size 5 diapers
2T clothes, although some 18 Months from last winter fit. (I love that! Never happened with Jay!)
Shoes: 6 or 7

Loves: Blank-blank (she has 2 different ones, either one will work), Applesauce, Gogurt, Juice, Baths, playing outside
Likes: Biscuits, Burgers, Lasagna, Cereal Bars, Peanut Butter, chicken, babies
Dislikes: most fruits and veggies, not being able to do everything herself

Lizzy talks all of the time at home. She is still as bashful as can be around strangers, which is okay with me.

She love music and likes to sing.

She is non stop on the go.

She is sweet and generous and easy to please (with the exception of mealtimes).

She's 2" shorter than Jay was at this age, just about 1/2 a pound lighter. At 18 months, 2 days we moved Jay from his crib to a twin bed (not that we kicked him out of the crib because baby sister was on the way, but well, it is what it is...) 

I can't imagine moving Lizzy at this point. She seems so much smaller to me (although she is bigger than most 2 year olds we know). I guess this just goes to show that parents make the decisions that are right for them at the right time and it is definitely not the time to move Lizzy.

Now taht I've typed that I'm sure she'll start to climb out of her crib every night.....ugh.

We just love every little thing about Little Lizzy (aka Liz, Lizzy Lulu, Lu, GooBaby, Goo, Sissy, Sweet-Sweet).

She's an absolute joy and can have fun anywhere. Watching her grow and learn more every day is an excellent reminder to appreciate all that we have daily. A great report at the doctor, sweet days at church and preschool, compliments we get from family and friends are all reminders that everything in our world is a-okay.

There is no need to worry about tomorrow or try to plan for what-ifs and could-be's. Its by grace we've been given these precious gifts and it's only my job to take care of today and all that it is.

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