Thursday, October 17, 2013

Embracing Fall (i'm giving it a shot)

I guess since its now the second half of October, I have to admit the cold, hard truth.

It's fall.

While most of the universe seemed to be celebrating boots, sweaters and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at the crack o' dawn on September 1st. I was still in summer mode. As evidenced by last week's beach trip.

I'm just a summer person. Sweaters make me sweat and you can't make me happy about surrendering my flip-flops and shorts. Not for all of the lattes in suburbia.

But since fall is now upon us, I'm doing the best I can to embrace the season.

I've got my spicy scented soaps out and am burning the cookie scented candles. I'm sending the kids to school with pumpkin and cat shaped PB&J.

I'm really trying to make it fun for the kids and embrace this time of they year and all that autumn has to offer, not just football season.

We've been baking and crafting and today I even made SOUP.

So, welcome fall. I'm keeping my flip-flops, but giving this a whirl. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Bring on the candy corn!

I've got a few fun things planned for the weeks between now and Thanksgiving...stay tuned for some fall fun!

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