Monday, October 14, 2013

5K First Timer- 14 facts about my 1st 5k

My goal was to run and to finish.

Check and check.

But let me tell you some more about my 1st 5K.

1. I was nervous to sign up but felt great after I did so.

2. Then I was nervous to run, but again, felt great after I did so.

3. I never in a million years thought I would ever run unless being chased.

4. I trained pretty well in June, better in July and was making real progress at the beginning of August. Then quit training all together for more than 6 weeks. I ran three times the week of the race, never more than 2.25 miles.

5. I forgot to pack my "good" workout pants.

6. I also forgot earphones.

7. I was sunburned, improperly hydrated and had a very pesky mosquito bite on the top of my right foot.

8. I don't own a pedometer, heart rate monitor or any sort of watch whatsoever.

9. I don't have a cool armband to store my iPhone.

10. Nor do I have any compression socks, sweatbands, headwraps, etc.

11. I didn't have a partner, buddy or group of friends to train with or run with and I was just fine.

12. I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st 5K, I didn't toss my cookies and can't wait to do it again and get better.

13. You can do it, too. With or without gadgets and gear, buddies, coaches or music.

14. But, if you want any of those things, that's fine too. Just do it. :)

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