Wednesday, October 2, 2013

what isn't {31 Days Day 1}

So, if I'm going to spend a month writing about what is, it only makes sense to veer seemingly off-topic from day one and talk first about what isn't...and perhaps more clearly explain why/how we're on this topic.

About a year ago i began reading  Lysa TerKeurst's  "Unglued". It took me months to finish it.
(I have confirmed I am not the only one who took forever to finish this book--and I now have a theory that if a book titled "Unglued" speaks to you, your life may be a tad hectic and cause you to be unable to finish said book in any sort of timely manner, no matter how good and full of life-truths the book may be.)

The book is wonderful and in it Lysa talks about how and why we have certain beliefs about ourselves and the expectations we carry for ourselves. I realized about the same time that I define myself by a lot of things I am not. Which causes worry, over-analysis and regret for no real reason at all.

Somewhere along the way I've used these things "I'm not" to define what I am. Now that I've typed those words I can see that this is a senseless way of thinking.

I hope that I can appreciate more of what I am than what I am not. See more of WHAT IS than what is not. I hope that I can live more in the moment instead of worrying and planning for days that may never come. I also want to let go of the list of things I am not and enjoy who I am. Where I am. All that I have.

I'll be blogging about truths and what IS happening in our lives. Being more involved in every single moment instead of looking back or planning ahead and missing WHAT IS happening right now.

I know I'll have to be intentional about this at first and remind myself to get "in the moment" and enjoy WHAT IS. I hope that by the end of 31 days WHAT IS will be my primary focus and everything else will be in the background.

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