Friday, October 4, 2013

What by day

As a part of the 31 days series, i committed to writing every day about the same topic for, you guessed it....31 days.

My topic is to write about "What is" and the truthful moments of our everyday lives.

I have to tell you this has made me much more aware of all of the "little moments" and I am enjoying staying tuned into to our life instead of checking in so much with the facebook, the twitter and instagram, the gmail, tie iPad....

you understand.

Jay went a whole week at school with only 1 timeout. Praise the Lord! We have prayed and coached and reminded this kid to pay attention to his behavior and it is working.

Lizzy walked right into her classroom today without a whimper and was dry eyed and happy when I cam to get her. What a gift!

Yesterday we had a few errands, a trip to the post office and  a haircut for Jay. They were busy but without any issue. We had fun and got prizes and candy then took a picnic lunch to the park. Everyone played well, ate well and took a great bath and nap when we got home. Glory be!

This "what is" challenge has made me say yes more to fun things, forced me to stay more on top of my chores around the house so I can be more in the moment and we seem to be clicking along just fine.

Maybe there are fewer pictures being snapped because we're busy and i don't have my phone at hand, but so far what is is GOOD.

I think I am more focused on what is going on with us than what is going on around us and we're rocking and rolling and in a good place.

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