Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Do You LOVE Snow, Mom??

Yes, Jay I love you love snow?


(Grinning from ear to ear that's how Jay went to sleep Tuesday night.)

We've had a bit of a surprise snow here in Birmingham. I have never ever been more thankful that I planned to stay home all day and enjoy a day of just whatever the kids wanted to do.

And that I did our grocery shopping on Monday. 

It started to snow at about 9 on Tuesday which was a surprise to me, but I thought I was the only one. We'd had quite the weekend in Nashville and my mind has been on everything but the weather. I actually picked Jay up from school on Monday just a tad early and his teacher asked if I thought we'd get any snow.

I really didn't know, because I had not looked at any forecasts.

We did get unpredicted snow--a little over 2 inches at our house by the time it stopped around 3 p.m.

I thought we'd get a little dusting and there would be no way it would stick so I took the kids out to play in it for the first time around 10.

As she trotted out of the garage, Lizzy exclaimed, "Alright!! Sandcastles!! Woo-woo!!"

So funny.

How glad am I that her boots arrived over the weekend? Thank goodness or this gal wouldn't have gotten to go play at all!

They had fun and Lizzy might have been onto something because as it turns out beach toys are kind of handy for playing in the snow.

Mommy-powered laundry baskets also make good sleds.

Liz lasted about 45 minutes, so we came in had lunch and Jay and I played again once Lizzy went down for her nap. Because I knew the snow wouldn't last.

How wrong I was because we played again today...and might again tomorrow and I really hope both kids are back at school on Friday with a normal schedule and only 1-2 layers of clothing required.

Poor Liz had 3 layers on the bottom and 4 on the top. Little Ralphie Syndrome.

Man Down!

Man Down!

Man Down!

I am happy to report that now that its 11 p.m. on Wednesday, they have just released word that all 11,000+ children stranded at schools as a result of this storm have returned home.

11,000 kids whose parents could not get to them slept in their schools with their wonderful teachers last night.

Countless people braved the cold (5 degree) night in their cars on the side of the road with whatever they had with them.

Thousands of people walked home or to shelters or to stores or churches--leaving their cars behind and hoping for warmth and safety.

Thousands more helped care for the displaced, stranded and wayward members of our community and were living breathing examples of what it means to love one another.

Prayers went up for 36 hours and were answered time and time again.

This was an unusual circumstance for all of us southerners, but another wonderful example of man helping man and a God who loves, perseveres with us and provides. Over and over again.

Here are some links for the out-of-towners who want to see how unbelievable the impact of this snow shower was:
ABC 33/40 Slideshow
James Spann's Weather Blog (This explains how they "missed it")
Our Neighborhood Chick fil a Owner is a Rock Star

I am so thankful for those who serve and lead and help make our neighborhoods real communities. If you need me, I'll be home with the kiddos at the bottom of this very steep hill until Friday morning. Then I may or may not be the first one in the carpool drop off line! ;)

Just kidding there's no way I'll ever be first in the car pool line.....

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