Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Favorite Tee

Sometimes the best memories are tied up in ways I can't explain.

When cleaning out outgrown clothes, one of the few things I couldn't part with was Jay's Kermit Shirt.

I don't really know why-I decided to keep it, washed it and when Joseph saw it as I folded laundry his eyes lit up. I knew he loved it too. I had decided maybe Lizzy would wear it.

Being a one-of-each-kid family, there are not many hand-me-downs.

I made sure to take Lizzy's picture in it today, as I looked back through pictures on my computer I found only a few from my phone when Jay was 21 Months old. the same age Lizzy is now.

We love this shirt, Jay basically lived in it although I don't have the pictures to prove it, we do have the memories.

And now, some pictures of Lizzy in our favorite tee.


  1. I can see red hair in the two pictures with the pink bow!

    1. I know!! It is definitely turning three different times Joseph and I have both noticed that this week! I guess it's bc the winter and not much sun. This may be her "true" color!