Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year the End of Winter Break

I really don't know what to call this post--I wanted to call it "Didn't Lizzy look cute on New Year's Eve?" but that didn't seem right.

 I mean, she did look super cute, but that seems like too little to blog about, or superficial or something.

It is what it is I guess.

We went to the Myers for dinner and cousin playtime. The Barnes family was there too. There was easy cheese. I had also just told Weston that I needed more pictures of him in 2014--so here ya go.

The kids had fun and we were home by 9:25. Party animals, I know.

A few days into the new year the Ladds came for a visit. Charles and Karla went to cheer Vandy to victory at the bowl game and the kids all hung out with Joseph and I. He even took them "hunting". (No firearms involved--the backpack was loaded with iPads, iTouch, iPhone, snacks and Capri-Sun. They saw some squirrels and birds. They did manage to stay up there for an hour, so kudos to Joseph for an hour of entertainment that was technically outdoors.

The Nashville crew headed home on Sunday and we all prepared for the coldest weather in a zillion years. Dad was out of town, so it was up to me to keep us entertained and keep our pipes from freezing.

Two birds, one stone.

We're all thawed out now and school has started back. I hope you are staying warm and getting into you new routine for the new year! Have a wonderful weekend!

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