Monday, February 24, 2014

If Only I Could Be Just Like Her

A joy. A blessing. So happy. 

That is always how we describe Lizzy.

Peaceful. Easy. Sweet.

And how other people describe her, too.

It's true. Virtually every moment my sweet daughter is overflowing with joy. Giggles come freely and smiles seem to never stop. 

She is always concerned when someone around her is not happy and does her very best to share her joy and peace with them.

I want to be just like her.

Just weeks away from turning two and in so many ways she is the woman I want to be. 

If only I could exude joy and peace, happiness and light all around so that everyone described me as
A blessing. 

We are the same. Created in the image of our Creator, bound by grace to our Heavenly Father and have no reason to be unhappy.

We're all just like Lizzy. Or at least we can be.

I can remember at time when a divinely gifted teacher told his class of teenagers-creative and emotional, ready to set the world on fire, angsty and hormonal-to close our eyes and picture a younger version of ourselves. He told us to go back in time in our minds and look at the child versions of ourselves and admire that young person for all that he or she was.

Before we were spoiled. Before we learned about hurt, grief or disappointment. 
Before we understood guilt, envy and self-defeat.
Before we saw too much, heard too much and absorbed too much of life in this world. 

I remember this exercise so vividly when I look at my nearly-two-year-old with eyes filled with wonder. Her belly laughs and tender feelings, soft hand holding and a presence that is comforting in itself. 

She is the me I envisioned that day. She is the me that knows to love her neighbor  and be slow to anger. She is the me that lets go and forgives just as I have been forgiven.

She is the me I long to be.

She is so filled with love and peace-just as she was intended to be. Just like me.
Just like you.

She's happy and honest and real and never needs to be anything else.

She's confident and smart and observant  and uses these gifts as gifts and not weapons. 

She's filled with a spirit of light and it's contagious. 

Regardless of what's happened in my life--or yours--we're all just like her.

When we strip away the experiences, the hurt, the twists and turns if life, the battles and the battle scars--we're all the same. 

Made for the same purpose-according to His purpose.

Overflowing with good, working for the good. 

Forgiving and forgiven.

Loving and truly, deeply, unbelievably loved.

Lights shining in the glory of He who is the light of the world. 

She's who I want to be. She has what I want for all of us.
No fear, doubt or shame. No hurt, bitterness or blame.

Just Happiness. Joy. Peace. Love. Kindness.

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