Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Day started off just as you'd expect, coffee perking, oven preheating all, parade watching.

Jay and Dad went out to prepare a feast for the deer, raccoon and birds. It seemed all was well.

Shortly before we were to get ready to go have lunch with the West and Myers crew, another round (this would be the 5th round for us in 7 months) of the stomach virus settled in for the holiday.

This time it was only Jay and Daddy. I was able to deliver the dressing to our family feast between rounds of sickness and Gatorade runs and this is what our feast looked like on Turkey day.

Lizzy spent a lot of time singing along with the iPad while I ran around like a crazy woman with drinks, medicine and cleaning supplies.

Luckily, by Friday morning the fellas were better and decided to take off for the hunting club.

Jay told me, "It's okay to miss me mom, but don't cry okay? I love you. Don't cry because I'll be back tomorrow."

Lizzy and I mainly stayed home and made a quick Target/Home Depot run and did a lot of tea partying in the play room. It was great!

Saturday brought the return of the hunters and a 2:30 kickoff for the Tide and the Tigers. Jay slept the whole way home from the hunting club and since this was the game of the century and will go down in history as a once in a lifetime event the Iron Bowl, I decided to take Jay out on a date so Dad could scream at the TV watch the game in peace while Lizzy napped.

Jay and I went and picked out our Christmas tree. (A first for both of us since I have always let Joseph get a tree by himself and bring it home. I never wanted to be that frustrated couple on the verge of a throw-down over a wonky tree. It tends to "kill the mood" for others who are trying to live out their idyllic Christmas. Joseph usually just goes and gets a tree, puts it in a stand and carries it in the house ta-dah!)

So Jay got nice and sappy, I picked a tree and the wonderful young men of the Boy Scouts tethered that bad boy to the top of my Tahoe. You'll never guess who wanted to help...

Jay and I then had a Hot Chocolate date and took some selfies to prove it.

We got home at the start of the 4th quarter. That's all I'm going to say about the game. Roll Tide.

Sunday brought a new day and another Thanksgiving (I'm not going to lie, I was just waiting for Lizzy and I to get sick this time but, Victory!! we all remained healthy!!). Karla, Kelsey, CJ and Mimi drove down for lunch and we had the best time. I even remembered to take pictures this year!

Mimi and her 4 youngest grands

The kids had lots of fun playing outside and "power swinging" (CJ's term, I think its appropriate, don't you?)

Lizzy showed Kelsey her favorite new video. 45 times in a row.

I learned its impossible to get a normal picture when CJ and/or Jay are involved....

and here's a super blurry pic of me and Karla. Just to prove I was here. Blurry as we may be.

And that, my friends wrapped up our holiday weekend. I am officially BANNING anymore viruses from the West house until the end of 2013--ya got that germs???

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