Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day...and lingering after

Jay woke up around 730 Christmas Morning and we went up to get him and woke Lizzy and came downstairs all together.

Jay was in awe and Lizzy's first words were "Ohh, Beautiful!" when they saw their gifts.

We played and opened stockings, had biscuits and gravy for breakfast then went outside so Jay could ride his new tractor and Lizzy could finally lay claim to Jay's red tractor that he got last year, but has outgrown.

We were all packed up and at Dede and Papa's for lunch by Noon. We ate and then the kids played outside before opening their gifts from Dede and Papa, and the Myers.

The boys were fast and furious and Lizzy took over an hour before she was done. They were happy and we didn't lose anyone in the piles of paper and packaging!

We came home and both kids took quick naps since we were past nap time, but they really needed the break.

I took advantage of that time to open, install batteries in and assemble all of the gifts they received at Dede and Papa's so when they got up we could play and play.

And that's basically what we've been doing ever since. Every year I always have all of my Christmas decorations down and stored by the 27th. I usually do it all in one day.

This year I'm taking my time, its the 30th and i just took down the first tree. Part of the reason is due to the fact that as soon as you mention taking the tree down Jay pouts a little and says, "but it's my favorite".

Another part is just hanging on to preserve the joy of Christmas, the birth of our Savior. I want to remember this gift a little more. Hoping that he is more present this year than ever. Hopeful that we will keep mindful of the Christmas season and our plea for Him to abide with us. Not just Christmas morning, but everyday.

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