Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Nashville

Let's rewind to the Sunday before Christmas and remember the fun we had at Charles and Karla's with my family for Christmas.

We had great food and plenty of laughter and the kids all exchanged gifts. I did forget my camera but do have some iPhone pics to remember the day with 

Matthew, Bubba, Janice and Mimi were there too. Somehow the ended up in zero pictures....note for next year--take a picture of everyone who hides in corners.

We also spent plenty of time in the kitchen while Daddy and Uncle Charles tried to fix the oven. A few days later I got a funny text from Charles....

We asked Jay about The fridge and he said "yes, I twisted that knob so I could turn it off." Sorry about your ice Cream Uncle Charles!!!

We also stopped by for a quick hug and visit wih Nanny and Cece before heading back to Bama right after dark.

It was a fun busy day and a great way to start the week of Christmas!

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