Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Wear 2013

When I wrote and shared my goals for the holidays, one of them included having the kids WEAR their holiday clothes instead of saving them...I would say that we're off to a good start!

One day last week it was too cold to play outside and I ended up giving the kids a bath before naptime. Since they both had on their Christmas PJ's I thought I'd get some cute pics.

I ordered these from ASimpleStitch in June. I chose a heat press monogram for the first time and I'm quite happy with it so far, I feel like its more comfy than an applique. She's in Birmingham-you can find  ASimpleStitch on facebook here or online here.

I think these Santa shirts are so fun! Totally suited to my kid's personalities don't you think?

These were done by another local gal who is just as sweet as she can be! You can find Jill's shop on facebook here or online at Sydney Kate Designs

I just got this darling dress for Lizzy and could not WAIT to get it on her. Hot off of the machine at Goat and Lulu--I think Lizzy will be wearing this every other day.

You can find Goat and Lulu on facebook or etsy. They're Georgia Bulldogs, so they are close by and Amanda was absolutely wonderful helping create this "Christmasey but not in your face" dress fir Lizzy.

Sweet Kimberlee also monogrammed some polos for Jay before she took off to Canada. They are just right for him this season. Kimberlee's about to become a mommy for the first time in a matter of minutes, but like her on facebook so you can stay tuned to what she has in store this spring.

I'm  posting all of these links just to help support these women and the businesses they work so hard on working from home. :) Some of them I know personally, some are friends of friends and others I've just stumbled upon, but I'm so glad they do what they do so those of us who can only replace buttons can still have cute clothes for our kiddos.

Dede also brought this sweet outfit for Lizzy with the nativity. Its so cute I just love it. I quickly whipped up a bow for her to wear it to church last Wednesday night right after she got it.

Sorry if there were any duplicates for my friends on instagram, I tried to use some new pics to show off our fun holiday duds!

Hey! I just saw this HollyJolly PJ Party on the good life blog and linked up! You should, too! Click over and thanks for stopping in!


  1. Love love love them! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Adorable! I'm kicking myself for not ordering Christmas pajamas to appliqué this year!