Sunday, December 15, 2013

Menu Monday #16- Let's Do Something EASY!

Okay friends, it's the week before Christmas. I'm going to go ahead and call it-there is likely pizza delivery or drive-thru in our future this week. Which is completely acceptable, just not the norm for us lately.

These recipes are hearty, interesting and best of all EASY! We're cooking a family size pack of chicken breasts one time and using it for three dinners. The other two nights are great-gooey sandwiches that are perfect for the winter weather and busy schedules!

Let's get this menu together and the grocery list done so we can soak up the great, happy and holy week ahead!

Steak Hoagies-get a skillet heating with some sliced onion, add a pound or so of cube steak cut into 1/2 to 1 inch strips. Stir occasionally until browned. Remove meat and onions from skillet add 2 tablespoons of butter to melt. Meanwhile open your hoagie buns and place them cut side down into the skillet to toast them. (2 fit in my pan at a time, so add more butter and repeat if you're serving more than 2 hoagies) Once toasted spread a little thousand island on each side of your bun, layer provolone and steak onto your sandwich and top with French fried onions. Top sandwich, wrap in wax paper and place back into a warm skillet, cover just until cheese is melted.

Chicken Alfredo while prepping this dish, I precooked for three nights meals. I bought a family pack of boneless/skinless chicken breasts, drizzled them all with olive oil and seasoned with garlic salt and pepper and baked at 350 for about an hour. This chicken will be used tonight, on salads and for Mexican later in the week.

Cook your favorite pasta to al dente then drain..  Return pasta to pot, add 1 cup half and half or cream, 1/2 stick of butter and about 1 cup of grated Parmesan cheese until heated through. Add 2 cups chopped chicken.  Serve with a salad. Boom. Dinner. Simple!

Meatball Sandwiches- Use the rest of those hoagie buns from two nights ago and re-use leftover meatballs (or cook some fresh--see what I did last week here) my husband likes his with a little mayo. But just some red sauce and mozzarella will make a hot and hearty sandwich for kids and adults alike!

Big Salads with chicken- We're chopping up the chicken we cooked and stored earlier this week and tossing it into a big salad with boiled egg, peas, bacon, cheese and ranch.

Mexican Chicken Skillet-heat about 1 pound (1 and 1/2 cups) of shredded chicken in a skillet. Add 1 envelope of taco season, 1 can of corn drained, 1 can of black beans, drained and one cup of water or chicken stock. Serve over yellow rice (prepared per package instructions) and top with sour cream. I put this in tortillas for the kids.This + Chips + Salsa = Dinner. Winner.

I am not planning to plan a regular menu next week, so if you need some ideas, scroll through some of the past menus and enjoy your holidays!

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