Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beach Break

We ran down to Orange Beach this weekend for a very quick 2 days of family time, nap skipping and eating out...er, I mean vacation.

It was a nice change of scenery even if it wasn't what one would typically define as a "vacation" meaning there would be some sort of resting involved.

I did pack my camera, but my hands were too full to take any pictures.

We spent lots of time enjoying the park, swinging on the bay and checking out a little pier by the park.

Jay and I went to the pool a few times and Lizzy made it down to the pool for a little while Sunday. (Side note...I gave Lizzy a mini-lesson and she is very relaxed in the water and was calm as could be on her back. 2 more days and I could have had her resting. Swim lessons will be terrible though due to the fact that I will be outside of the fence.)

Jay really had fun and wants to go back "to Bacation" very soon.

We drove home 1st thing this Monday and were in Birmingham before lunchtime. Jay slept most of the way home..Lizzy not one wink. Both kids have picked up a little cold....I'm hoping it passes quickly and we can get back to regularly scheduled programming very soon.

Happy Summer!

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