Friday, June 7, 2013

Digging for the Joy on a crazy Friday

Sooo. Today's one of those days when I'm digging down deep for the Joy because you see, sometimes you have to work for it.

I should have known that today was going to be a hum-dinger at 6:04 this morning. Jay woke up and started coming down the steps at 6:03, I instantly sprang up to get him and went up the first few steps to remind him to hold on to the rail and other things mothers do when their nearly-three year-olds are sleepily walking down stairs. When he got to me I picked him up and backed down the step. (singular)

Then went flying backwards into the pre-dawn abyss of nothingness that follows when you don't realize that you've actually walked up three steps and only step down one before thinking you're on solid ground.

In some sort of mid-air-ninja move I swung Jay around so I would hit the ground first, and boy did I. Flat on my back staring at the ceiling with 45 pounds of Jay on my chest, I prayed that we were both okay. Jay was scared, but not hurt at all since he landed on a cushion (ME). Once I got to my feet I was shocked and thankful to realize that I, too, was fine and dandy.

Thank you, Jesus for protecting us. And thank you for ibuprofen.

With a start like that, I should have expected some of the drama that has followed--all ups and downs--

1. Jay couldn't get dressed to go to the gym because his socks were too soft. A too-soft-sock-meltdown. That's a first. I didn't realize we had traded our son for Goldilocks.

2. We did make it to the gym and Lizzy didn't shed a single tear or whine or whimper for a second when I dropped them in the child care room. I'm thrilled!

3. Leaving the gym, everyone in good spirits Jay: "Look, there's something on the window!"
Me: "What is it?"
Jay: "SNOT!! I put it there, okay! Here's some more!"
Me: "Here, Buddy, let's use a tissue."
Jay: "No, I don't need one, 'dis why God gave us windows."
Umm, no sir. I believe you are mistaken.

4. I can officially declare we are done with Pull-Ups for Jay! (except when he's asleep, as insurance)

5. Lizzy is working hard to medal in mess-making. Her new event is cracker smash--this involves smashing all crackers, cookies, biscuits by slamming her cup down on them on the marble as violently and quickly as possible.

6. I've swept the kitchen 3 times so far today and only served breakfast and a snack. Good times.

7. To celebrate being done with Pull-ups and an attempt to keep the kitchen floors relatively clean for more than 45 minutes I took the kids to CFA to celebrate. Then had to run through a sideways rain apocalypse to get to the car. Bless your heart, Mr. CFA manager who carried his umbrella over us in an attempt to shield mother and two kids from the rain. But you see, I have 2 kids and we were in the rain which just led to all 4 of us being completely soaked, but I do appreciate your effort. Truly I do.

8. Its naptime now and I am off to Windex the interior windows of my car and prepare for whatever is coming my way when the kids wake up.

Because who in the world knows that that will be.
Certainly not me.

8b. I may or may not also be praying for God to keep filling my cup with Joy as I seem to have been overcome by a bewildering day. I'm so glad he never grows weary of filling my cup.

8c. I've also just started reading A little Salty to cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson. It's helping keep the Joy flowing as the tide rises.

9. At some point today, this happened, too.

that's furniture felt. I have no explanation.

Happy Weekend!!

**Late Night Edit**I saw this 5 on Friday link-up just now. After posting a list-like post today, I thought I'd go ahead and link up. My list is more than 5 things, but thanks for stopping by! All of our days are certainly not this wacky. Some are wilder...and occasionally less bonkers!**

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