Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend at home

We decided to skip the trip to Nashville and stay home this weekend for Lizzy to get better or at least be sick at home in more familiar surroundings.

I think she's well now.

Actually I think she's at the point where she's better but has become accustomed to the special treatment of being sick.

Like CapriSun whenever and wherever she chooses.

We really enjoyed Kelsey's visit and had fun with KarKar and CJ at our halfway point CFA.

The good news is that Jay invited CJ to his birthday party while we were there, which until this point he has absolutely refused to talk about. I am just planning a very small party for family and a few friends Jay sees frequently and his favorite food. I am looking forward to it! I hope Jay is still on board with everything in a few weeks!

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