Thursday, May 30, 2013

Before May Gets Away

To say this month has been a whirlwind is, well, accurate. (I was going to come up with some witty comparison there, but you see, this whirlwind may have gotten the best of me.)

I need to record a few highlights of this month before we move into June and full-on Summer recklessness and then into July and Jay's upcoming 3rd Birthday! Ahhh!

1. May 9th BOTH kids got haircuts. Yes, as in Lizzy got her first little haircut. Just a trim straight across the back.

I don't have any pics of the haircut in progress as we were there for an appointment for Jay and I just held Lizzy and Mrs. Brandi snip, snip, snipped. But here is the after.

Ta-Dah! We're working our way to an all-one-length bob.

2. Jay is saying the craziest stuff. "You kidding me." "That's Bidiculous, Mom." and if you say "Jay, we're not doing that" He always says "Yes I'm Am.". He also told me yesterday that he was "just chillin'".

3. We joined our brand-new and very local Lifetime Fitness last week. So far its working best if we go in the morning and kids go to the playroom while I work out until they page me to come get my screaming velcro baby for 20 minutes then we come home for morning snack, Lizzy's morning nap, have lunch then go back later for a couple of hours at the pool before coming home and getting a bath and both down for naps while mom cooks dinner. Does that make you tired to read it? It made me tired just to type it.

The good news is that both kids love going to the pool, Jay really enjoys the playroom and hopefully Lizzy will calm down eventually and this is likely good for her.

4. I know I have reported that little Lizzy is a tad on the picky side...but I thought I'd share with you what she looks like after enjoying a peanut butter sandwich....

When she likes food, she likes it ALOT.but especially on her face and in her hair.

5. It's also important to note that Lizzy now smells like sunshine, sunscreen and peanut butter all the time. It's delightful. Really. Just as good as newborn baby smell. So if you see us, feel free to sniff her sweet sun-kissed pb-smeared head.

6. Jay turns 3 in 6 weeks. He's started doing many things more independently--going potty (good thing), unlocking the gate at the top of the stairs and walking down by himself (bad thing). So, there's that. He's also playing better with cousins and buddies which is a mega-relief for me.

7. Happy Summer y'all!! Look out June here we come!!!

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