Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wet weekend

Thanks for your concern "after the fall", typing that makes "the fall" seem so much more dramatic than it actually was, but I appreciate your chuckles and sympathy nonetheless.

Just to follow-up some major soreness and bruises showed up late to the party on Saturday morning leaving me to wonder exactly how I crash landed because the bruised and sore places are not at all connected to one another nor symmetrical.

But, the rest of the weekend was without incident, so I'll call it a win.

We didn't do anything grand on Saturday..I took the kids to the park, ran to the grocery for the 4th or 5th time this week.

We skipped church due to Lizzy's runny-nosed-ness. I just can't be the one to bring a sickie to the nursery to potentially bring illness to little babies or the sweet ladies in the nursery who work so hard to keep Lizzy happy despite her desire to scream like a banshee for an hour.

I am now convinced that her nose is related to yet more teething, so there's that.

Joseph and Jay were playing outside with the hose around lunchtime and it was so hot that Joseph got online and told me he was buying a kiddie pool to pick up at the store after lunch. As Joseph backed out of the driveway it started to rain....and he came home with this.

Yes, it is as big and above-ground-pool-like as you think it is.

It never stopped raining for the remainder of the day, but he still set it up and ran a series of 4 hoses to it to fill 'er up. Jay, Weston and Davis just HAD TO get in....then we forced their little Popsicle-selves out and even had to thaw Davis out in a warm shower.

We also hosted the West/Myers gang for dinner of burgers (grilled in the rain), potato salad, baked beans, Mac-n-cheese and strawberry pound cake. Which was delish.

And now we're off headed into another fun-filled week of Summer with no real plans, but I believe it will include lots of pool time either at either the gym or in our new kiddie pool or both.

Father's Day is upn us and despite the six-zillion "Father's Day gift guides" on tv and online I have no inkling about what to get Joseph this year. I'm sure we'll come up with something that he'll appreciate.

Today (Tuesday) the pool was warm enough for Jay to enjoy for a few minutes before naptime. He.loves.it.

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