Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And we're walking...{15 Months}

Lizzy's first steps came this afternoon after her 15 month checkup! 15 months and 2 days she's off and walking! (Shoutout to Dr. Malone who completely called it--he said at our visit this morning that if I left her alone in a room and walked out that she would walk to follow me. Well, I left Lizzy in the playroom and went down the hall to check on Jay who was refusing to getting ready to nap, when I came out of his room Lizzy was standing, smiling in the doorway of the playroom and started toddling down the hall to me.)

She walked down the hall 3 more times for Jay and I before I thought to grab a camera!

Her checkup went great and she is-
33 inches
25 pounds and 12 ounces
above 90th percentile in head/height/weight

She's gained a few pounds since her last visit and got a good report from the doctor.

She's wearing mostly 24 month and 2T (mostly just swimsuits and PJs) which are a tad big, but fit better than her 18 month clothes right now. Size 5 diapers and size 5 or 6 shoes fit best.

She wakes around 7, sometimes taking a morning nap from 10-11, (I always wake her by 11) and another from 2:30-4, sometimes just waiting and taking one nap starting around 1:30 and lasting until 4:30. Down for the night a little after 8.

She's quiet when Jay is around, but if he's ever gone or sleeping while she's awake she turns into a jabber box. This week she's really started "talking" more and is doing more animal sounds and trying to say more names. She will say eat, more and drink as well.

She blows kisses, knows where her tummy is and still counts the stairs all day long.

She's also taken to crawling up stairs and counting as she does it then stopping on the 3rd or 4th and saying "No ma'am" she'll also just sit on the first step and say "sit, sit,sit" over and over.

She loves to be outside and says swing and slide. I can only imagine that she'll love being outside even more as her walking gives way to running.

She's still such a sweet little happy child. That is unless you are a childcare provider at our gym or church. In which case you only see what a joy she is when I return to pick her up. Things are better, but at 15 months we are still not over the mommy's-gone-meltdown.

She's trying more foods but still eats very very few fruits and veggies. I see a glimmer of hope that this will change soon--she ate some cantaloupe this week and tolerated a strawberry with honey on it today. Cross your fingers for us!!

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