Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lizzy {12 Months}

Weight: 23 pounds, 10 ounces
Height: 30.5 inches

Shes "greater than 97th percentile" in head and height and 80th percentile in weight. Dr. Malone says she could stand to have a little more belly.

Luckily, I consider fattening people up as one of my highest callings! Buckle up, Lizzy we're about to get a belly!

Foods: We've introduced peanut butter (our first line of attack in the Battle for the Bulge). She is a fan so far.
Scrambled eggs, biscuits, donuts, bagels and oatmeal are all in the breakfast rotation. Lunch is usually a grilled cheese, pb sammich, or macaroni and cheese and dinner is soup, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, bean and cheese quesadilla or tostada, sometimes pasta or chicken/ she is not a fan or meat or most fruits and veggies. We're working on it.

Words: She mimics a lot of sounds and names, but rarely speaks on her own other than Dada, Jay, Gus, Whassat, Whassis, Mom-Mom. She will E-i-e-i-o appropriately during Old McDonald. She says night-night and uh-oh.

She says "Cheeeee" when she sees a phone camera and "shoes" when we talk about going bye-bye.

She also counts to 10 when you go up or down steps while holding her. (UUNN, DOOO, SHREEE, (silence for 4 and 5) SISSS, SEBEM, (silence for 8) NIIIINNNNEE, TEN) Nine is her favorite by far.

Not yet walking, but will walk holding your hands which is a "Step" since last month.

Nicknames: Liz, Goo, Baby Boom-Boom, Jay sometimes calls her "Sweet-sweet" which means, I guess we do too!

She is a joy, joy, joy. The worst thing that happens to Lizzy on any given day is when I take her toothbrush away after she's brushed with it/chewed on it for almost 10 minutes. Other than that she is a happy, easy going gal. I tell people that I think she's just a happy hippie because she is so laid back most of the time.

That being said--she's making progress with the church nursery and made it through 2 straight weeks with just a moment of crying when I drop her off. And all the people said "AMEN"!

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