Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy days, notes-to-self, February's gone!

We're baaccck. (from Nashville, actually we've been back since Saturday and now its Thursday.)

We had fun, just mainly did some hanging out at Mimi's. Quick visit to see Nanny, and that's about it. 

I did this to the door of the pantry today. (The hubs thinks it would be a great spot to do some chalkboard paint, I couldn't agree more but until then- we'll go with Allstate sticky notes. Gotta support the company!)

Mainly, I did this so I will know what I have and maybe be able to remember what I've planned to cook. Also because I found myself at the store today typing notes into my phone so i would remember what I planned to cook while I was buying groceries--then I realized the chances of me remembering I did that were about the same as me winning the lottery. 

Well, mainly I did this because life is crazy and my pantry looks like this some mornings after one or both kids have decided to play in it...

and mainly because my freezer looks like this...

venison anyone?? Yes, there are a zillion pounds of deer in the freezer and more where this came from. I am trying some new recipes this week. Cross your fingers!

I would LOVE to make a cute little menu display board in my free time. However, I am having a hard time finding my free time these days so, for now I'm going with the notes. 

Speaking of "free time" this was once found during the kids naptime in the afternoons when I am supposed to be cooking dinner, cleaning up, re-charging for round two with the kiddos--however, i fear that "naptime" as we know it is ending. Jay has skipped/protested/fought-tooth-hair-and-nail his nap the last few days. I am afraid this is the beginning of the end and I simply am not ready. I at least wish he'd keep his nap until the weather is better and he can play outside, not in the dryer. 

This happened in 5 seconds while I went to answer the phone today. He thought it was so awesome. I am certain it gave me more wrinkles in my forehead. I am also certain this is the first of many, many times he does this. 
(that warning sticker says nothing about letting your kids climb in the dryer by the I guess its cool with the dryer folks if you let this happen at your house, too. )

Sweet Lizzy is all over the place as well. I think she was in the high chair during the dryer incident. I hope....when she isn't contained she is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. 

Why aren't there more cute pics of Lizzy these days? Here's your answer. This happens every single time. 

Life is CRAZY here with us this week. Either we'll get use to it and it will seem normal this time next week or we will continue to adjust...stay tuned. 

Tomorrow starts March!! Lizzy turns 1 in March!! How can it be?? Full-on party mode begins in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

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