Friday, February 15, 2013

Life's butadream

Well, a mighty long morning at the doctor, a prescription, CFA drive thru and some time playing in the sunshine--it looks like Jay will be a-okay. Not flu, not strep,sinus nor ears. Looks like a throat infection. ?? Either way doc says we'll be better in no time.

Which is good because Daddio and I have plans to go out tonight. We may just go sit in a parking lot and stare out of the windshield. Its been a busy week.

Just a few random things to remember today--

Jay sings
"Row, row, row ya boat
gennly down the drain.
Belly, belly, belly, bell-ly
Life's butadream."

Then immediately asks-"mommy, whats butadream?" over and over. I have no answer for what "butadream" might be.

He's also started showing signs of being my planner. We're on our way to the store he starts asking if he can walk like a big boy and "Just Lizzy in the cart by self". Or we're on our way to eat--"Jay sit on bench dis time and jus' high chair for Lizzy, not Jay." Things like that--I love knowing that he knows what to expect, not really a fan of him calling the shots or trying to negotiate things on the way there...but I have started letting him "walk like a big boy" in some stores and we're trying to let him go without a high chair if we go out to eat. Mainly because his feet are too big to get in and out easily. :)

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