Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's February!?!

Here we are in February. The newness of the year has come and gone and time is whizzing by. Even our Christmas pjs are getting too snug already which is a good indicator that life is busily growing and changing for us every darn day.

Here we are today.

Lizzy is drinking out of big-girl cups. Less than 6 weeks until she's 1. It literally stuns me to type that.

Jay. Ohhh, sweet, precocious, busy, independent-yet-sometimes-pitiful, crazy Jay.

Okay, if you would have asked me if I owned or knew where any velcro rollers were at New House I would have said, "I think I had some at one time, but have no idea where they are...". Next time-ask Jay.

I sort of feel like a pinball of sorts--bouncing from the grocery store, activities with the kiddies, and random items on my to-do list. I also feel at the end of the day I have no idea what I did all day, but I am certain it was exhausting.

I also feel like this is a normal way to feel, so we're all good.

At one point today my bank card was MIA and my cell phone was not making/receiving calls/texts. I also think that this is pretty normal.
It was kinda what I think purgatory is for stay at home moms. Found the card and hope to get the phone working tomorrow. THAT should be a fun trip with Lizzy. Oy. Maybe I'll con someone else into gong to the cell phone store for me..

 I spent the first half of the week doing Beyonce impressions for the kids after her Super Bowl Halftime Show...but did manage to squeeze in getting Jay's class Valentine's complete and the invitations to Lizzy's party designed, printed, cut, addressed and oops-gotta buy stamps. They'll be mailed tomorrow.

Oh, and at some point this happened.
Well, actually I tweaked it a little more after this, but this is the wall in the dining room. I really like it.

And this happened...
annnnd this Maple Bacon goodness....

I hope the groundhog was right and spring is just around the corner!!

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